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  1. Map - Follow the Journey of the Cup
  2. Microlight Forum Cup. Purpose and Rules
  3. The "Microlight Forum Cup"
  4. Cup is Ready
  5. Whisky
  6. Cup takes its first flight
  7. The Microlight Forum Cup is at Chatteris :)
  8. Boston - Home of the cup!
  9. Monkey see as monkey do!
  10. The cup (and the monkey) are safely back at Chatteris
  11. The Cup and it's Simian Companion have been liberated to Calton Moor
  12. Anyone Planning to get the cup this weekend?
  13. Cup and Monkey Moved to scouseland.
  14. Have the cup and monkey ready... we're coming for them tomorrow
  15. Cup and Monkey has flown over the pennines
  16. The Cup & Monkey are now in Lincolnshire
  17. That monkey!
  18. Bored Now
  19. Cup & Monkey back at Priory
  20. Cup is at Popham, but Monkey stolen back by Katie
  21. Cup at Priory Farm, Monkey at Chatteris (for now)
  22. Greetings from the Kamp
  23. Liberation from WFAeC
  24. Cup back at Priory, Monkey is AWOL
  25. Is PG at Great Oakley?
  26. flying in france
  27. where is the monkey
  28. Time for the Cup to get moving!
  29. Monkey liberated, now back at Priory (Nov 11)
  30. Cup and Monkey back home
  31. The cup and monkey now residng at Headon
  32. Monkey and cup in new home :-)
  33. Monkey's gone XXX rated at askern
  34. microlight cup and monkey at askern
  35. The "Happy Couple" back at Rufforth
  36. The happy couple need names.
  37. Where's the Cup ???
  38. Missing Monkey
  39. Passed!!
  40. Monkey liberation,French-Anglo cup
  41. Proposed rule change for cup and monkey.
  42. PG and the cup went flying yesterday
  43. Matching a panel mount V6 MGL with dipole antenna - P&M trike
  44. Latest location (April 2013)
  45. Microlightforum.com Cup Re-launch
  46. Orginal PG and cup back at Chatteris
  47. PG & the Cup have been collected but the Hunsdon Flyers again
  48. Monkey & Cup Yatesbury Exchange
  49. PG and trophy
  50. Over a year since the cup and monkey moved!
  51. Flying in Oman