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04-05-09, 12:05 PM
OK, what did you think? what would you like to have taken home with you? and what were the highlights for you?

I only got down on Sunday and having arrived at 10 barely got around the place, but I thought that it was a pretty good show.
Aeroplanes I liked were the Bantam, the Eindekker (please when is it going to be finished?) and the Sherwood Ranger.

Goodies that I liked were the additions to the Ozee range and a fairly neat weather station. I'd liked to have had a look at the Memory Map stand but they were closing down when I got back there.

Highlights for me, well there were quite a few. The lineup of oldtimers was brillant even if they had to pack some away because of the gusty winds. I was good to see the Thruster stand back and Gordon Pill looking fit again, I'd missed both of them. Watching the the little Magic trike and the Veaira flying though the gusts and looking pretty impressive. Meeting up with and talking to some great and interesting people and getting some potentialy great ideas from Paul Dewhurst. Lots of time spent talking to old friends and meeting some new ones.

So for me an enjoyable day and a damn good show.

What would I have liked to take away with me? The Sherwood Ranger, but I think thy'd have noticed


04-05-09, 14:22 PM
Ginge, Popham was a damn good show..... got there Saturday and had a real good day looking around... bought a few small bits and pieces, would really liked a flight in the 912 powered X-Air Hawk to see how it compared to the Jabiru version, alas the paperwork wasn't ready. Like you, have been keeping an eye on the Eindekker, I really like that one and trying to justify buying one !!..... but want to see it finished and flying... it seems to be taking bloody ages.
We flew out Saturday evening around 5:30 to get "up-north" as we had to get back to Donegal in Ireland... made it to Ince and back home Sunday.
All in all, it was an excellent show and Popham is an excellent venue.


Frank Thorne
04-05-09, 17:02 PM
Went down as far as Sywell on Friday and spent a good evening in the Aviator bar with some guys from Baxby. I must say Sywell is a great place to visit eat and drink ... and camp or stay in their hotel. Arrived at Popham for 9am when there was only half a dozen in circuit so no hassle and good organisation getting everyone parked up with so many aircraft. Had a great time just enjoying the sun, chatting to people and generally browsing the trade stands. Didnt go to buy anything in particular but really enjoyed the day and had every intention of staying till Sunday until we found out the forecast was for strong headwinds. Left about 4 via Shobden back to Ince where the Irish contingent arrived at the same time and kept us at the field until gone midnight (food and drink where involved) they are a bad influence on us. We will partake of their hospitality in a few weeks. :razz:

Looking for photos have found the following links so far

http://picasaweb.google.com/flexmaniac/ ... 9AndSandy# (http://picasaweb.google.com/flexmaniac/Popham2009AndSandy#)

04-05-09, 18:15 PM
R8 ,
Popham was an excellent weekend ,went down in mi mates quik 912 panniers tents etc ,set of from longframlington on sat morning early9ish) stopped of at sigwell (very impressed with the set up) 11AM ,swooped in ,oops and spent all saturday on the piss chatting at laughing as we perused the variouse aircraft come gyros come flying bedstead (EINDECKER ) set of home into a stong headwind ,stopping of at sigwell for some more good grub and then afdter being tossed about like a sparrow in a storm dropped in at Baxbys for wind to drop ,set of at 6pm ,home for 8pm .top weekend

05-05-09, 16:39 PM
This years Popham was the Dogs danglers weather was brill airman ship was second to none Miss Smith had a great collection of old'ies (old planes) and every one seemed to be on there uppers no real doom and gloom, so great, lets have some more of it
. Fab, Fan Dabby Dosey and any other quib you can think off

& Genital Breeezes to you all :cp: :cp:

Bill Scott
05-05-09, 20:22 PM
Sadly had to go by road. Journey was hell and took almost twice as long as planned.
But it was worth it as the good woman actually found an aeroplane she liked ! The Savannah :eek:
I had a good chat with Steve from SUP and I liked what I heard.
Just got to get the shekels now.
The Savannah is good value for an all metal design, in comparison with rag & tube. it also fits in with a long term plan I have which might involve my own strip. I reckon that little critter can get into some pretty tight spots :cool:

Tyke Pilot
11-05-09, 15:09 PM
I think Popham was a bad idea........because I fell in love with the Air Creation Tanarg, what a fantastic Trike (unfortunately unless my 6 numbers come up I'll never get one!!!).
The weather was great and there was plenty to do, I drove down and took my brother who isnt into flying, or should I say he wasnt but now is :lol:
I picked up a few items from the O-Zee stand and some Pooley's stuff.
It would be great if we could have a similar event later in the season and perhaps somewhere up north.