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Frank Thorne
04-05-09, 16:43 PM
Whos going and when... Some intentions starting on Thursday I believe

Start Date 12-Jun-2009
End Date 14-Jun-2009
Event Description SPAMFIELD The BMAA Fly In of the Year.

For probably the last time at SANDOWN airport on the Isle of Wight.. literally hundreds of aircraft and thousands of landings.. big marquee, food, beer, music, best aircraft competions, limited trade stands available FREE OF CHARGE to Microlight related traders and 100 each to none Microlight related.

Friday and Saturday are the main days - particularly Saturday afternoon and evening.

Although this is for Microlight (and Rotorcraft) aircraft the event is not limited to BMAA members, never has been, all and welcome.

The one off fee which covers all landings for the weekend and camping (does not matter if you have one landing or ten; stay for 15 minutes or 3 days) is 20 which is discounted to 15 for those who pay in advance via the BMAA online shop. Name and aircraft registration will do (none refundable of course).

Biggest Microlight rally in the UK with everything from Light Aircraft to Rotorcraft to Microlights to foot launched.

Come and camp by your aircraft and have a beer with friends.

Location Sandown Airport Isle of Wight

04-05-09, 18:08 PM
Craig Bayliss - G-BYBO - Eclipser 912

Already got the caravan booked :D

Frank Thorne
04-05-09, 18:25 PM
Frank Thorne - G_CBHM BLADE

Will take the tent now its been christened at Popham .. Quieter I believe :roll:

05-05-09, 12:14 PM
I am fairly sure I'll go and if I do I'll be taking my nice new touring tent (but I'll be taking a suitable mattress !!!!!)

Roger :cp: Breckell (SCPD)

Carl Bayliss
05-05-09, 17:39 PM
tent?? tent?? what the......I'm in the caravan!

05-05-09, 21:57 PM
Chris Parkinson GMZJZ

I will definately be going, just need to make sure i have a new permit before, does anybody Know were i can buy a self erecting tent ?

andy dixon
05-05-09, 23:16 PM
thiland i believe....marry a girl,ship her over and ....hey presto ! she will erect the tent for you...........what is a little more tricky is explaining it to the wife when she is stood at your front door...............but seriously argos

Frank Thorne
05-05-09, 23:45 PM
Chris ask Roger and he knows how to fold it back up or was that just an accident?