View Full Version : Rotax 912 rebuild

29-04-14, 03:20 AM
Anyone paid for a 2000hr rebuild on a 912 UL what was / is the cost ??

my 2200hr engine runs like clockwork, starts on the button, and is well looked after but as soon as I mention the hrs !!!
I know the engine is fine, but every potential purchaser seems to shy away when I tell them the hrs.

I dont see the point in rebuilding for the sake of rebuilding a perfectly good engine [filters always cut down...no metal]


29-04-14, 09:33 AM
Only just run in :)

andy dixon
29-04-14, 10:02 AM
Last year We pulled apart a 1950 hour 912 and to be honest it was a bit of a waste of time,it looked and measured up like it would have done another 1950 hours. We replaced the pistons,rings,gudgen pins Water pump and shell bearings plus various rubber pipes but only because I'd already purchased them.
Carl Buckle is about the most cost affective man in our area for the job,and he does have all them Rotax Certificates on the wall to justify the quality of his work.

But every engine is unique and individual and of course been looked after by different individuals