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Bob T
06-05-09, 19:53 PM
That we have just got back from an hours bimble around the local area and I was in shorts and T shirt. Nice and warm but kept below 3000' anyway, so that the wife could take some pictures.
Bet it is nice and warm in the UK now that I've said that!
The forecast for Thursday is 27C and 3-5 mph winds, guess where I will be.

andy dixon
06-05-09, 21:13 PM
well bob.... i wanted sleety-snowy rain and 30mph winds and chuffin cold temps this morning to test out the new seal around the front door.........i was so lucky as i got the lot,
last year in february i was sat out side in shorts at 7pm at wanafly (dave and amanda's place in france).come may time it was almost too hot to fly. hope your open toed sandles "chaff" your toes to bits.......you lucky boy !

Bob T
06-05-09, 21:24 PM
I know that you were at Wanafly Andy - I met you there! I may pop up again at the beginning of June as there seems to be a number of Tanarg owners turning up.
Might even get some good pictures.

06-05-09, 21:25 PM
Nice one Bob....

06-05-09, 21:35 PM
Bugger, and all I want to do is http://nmai.forumm.biz/users/a7/18/25/19/smiles/832899.gif and some http://nmai.forumm.biz/users/a7/18/25/19/smiles/56796.gif but all it wants to do in Ireland is rain. http://nmai.forumm.biz/users/a7/18/25/19/smiles/108148.gif

Bob T
06-05-09, 21:43 PM
Rain? Wish we had some now and then, I had to get the hose out to water the garden this evening.

07-05-09, 00:42 AM
Couldn't water the garden myself. Was too busy eating my wonderful fish and chips.... :D