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07-05-09, 20:38 PM
Hi everyone, and sorry if this is in the wrong area??? but I am not quite sure where to put it?

So, here we go. a couple of years ago, I had a Garmin 12 XL GPS, I took it onboard a plane flying to Spain whilst on my holidays.

It worked a treat and I could see my height (34000 feet), speed (550 MPH) direction. (but this was as the crow flies) with this satnav.

It doesn't have a moving map and so I got a Garmin 196 GPS where this one does, and I can upload the info to my computer and see where we flew.

Here is my question.....................

Does anybody know if it is possible to take a Garming 196 on the plane and use it?

I have been told many things and in the end I left it at home, I am back now and disapointed as I wanted to see which way the plane flew to Spain then have a go on my flight simulator.

Does anybody know anything about this and if it is possible for my next holidays???

I tried to ask the flight crew, but couldn't speak to them and I have looked everywhere else to find some info but nothing.

Thank you all very much in advance.


08-05-09, 11:10 AM
A fairly complex subject as although a GPS is receiver rather than a transmitter it is conceivable that even this could cause a problem. On one hand a Garmin 196 is designed for aviation use (amongst other things) but the aircraft that it is used in have far less complex electronics than those of an airliner.
Airlines are becoming more accepting of the use of electronic devices on board, although it is common that they request that no such devices are used in the landing and take off phases.
I suspect that the only way that you will get a definative answer is to ask the public relations dept. of the airline that you are flying with.
Good luck

09-05-09, 21:50 PM
Thank you very much for your reply.

I was thinking the same about it just being a receiver so I couldn't think why it would be a problem.

I do remember the saying about electronic things being turned of during take off/landing and I seem to remember them saying about tv's are not allowed (which is a receiver).

So I will take your advice and try and contact the airline before flying.

Many thanks again.


10-05-09, 11:18 AM
I will be flying to New York next month and will be taking my notebook computer with me, I have Memory Map installed with south England maping in stalled and a GPS receiver for it so if I can get a window seat I will give it a go and let you know the result here.
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