View Full Version : GPS Bendix King AV80R

10-05-09, 22:52 PM
I first purchased the Lawrence 2000 at Splash 2008 but it packed up after one hour flying so returned it swapping for the AV80R.
The AV80R can be used in the air and on the road but on the road it is not very user friendly and does not fully understand post codes I prefer my Tom Tom.
It has aviation database but I could not enter a user waypoint using Long and Lat, only as a point on the screen due to a software fault that I eventually managed to correct via a download update, advised by Email from Bendix King. It took several attempts to achieve and quite a time trawling their web site and the manual that is only on a CD.
The database is out of date by one year and try as I may I am unable to get a response from Bendix about this, there is in the box a form that you fill in and send by post to Bendix King and they are supposed to send back by post a one of authorisation for a web upload but I may as well have posted it down the drain in front of the house, no reply as yet.
I think Bendix King should have looked at and played with Tom Tom and Memory Map to see how the competition does it before designing their own.
Will keep you informed as I get used to it.