View Full Version : Ince Blundell Flying Club 2nd Annual Fly-In 8th Aug 2009

Carl Bayliss
12-05-09, 20:11 PM
After the success of last years event, Ince Blundell Flying Club welcomes everybody to our 2nd Annual Fly-In on Sat 8th Aug 2009.

There will be free food off the BBQ, fun flying and evening entertainment.

There will be prizes for furthest travelled, as well as prizes for the fun flying events.

Camping over night is free and you are most welcomed to stay over.

Fuel/local supermarket runs will be available throughout the day.

If you fancy coming to visit us (we are a friendly bunch!) please register on the bmaa events page in order that we can get plenty of food and drink in stock!

For more info please e-mail me, Carl Bayliss at inceflyer@gmail.com

Frank Thorne
04-08-09, 20:43 PM
This Saturday so dont forget...

andy dixon
04-08-09, 21:46 PM
as a good mormon boy i have always wanted to overfly the mormon temple at chorley, but the airspace around it looks confusing !
would a "ince native" like to donate 30 mins of his time to jump in the back of my quantum ? we are fitted with a garmin 296, a mode s transponder and tcas.so should me a safe flight.......short of that a good brifing from a local flyer

.........that's real nice of you to volunteer frank........if not can you throw a victim my way ?............

05-08-09, 07:56 AM
Crikey airspace over Chorley. How high you planning on going ?

No probs finding a willing victim or 2.

See you there.