View Full Version : Isle of Man TT Races 2009 - Visiting by Microlight ???

Phil Perry
13-05-09, 18:50 PM
Hi Guys ( & Gals)

I wonder if any of you avid motorcyclists are going to nip across to the Isle of Man during TT fortnight ?? Our mob of miscreants normally fly in to ANDREAS airfield, just North of Ramsey. This is an ex- WW2 training airfield which is now privately owned, with a flying and gliding club on site. There is a commecial air taxi operation there also.

We usually have a tent ciy erected not far from the runway 11 threshold, and have a really great week or so using Andreas as a base to tour around the island and generally chill out.

I've uploaded a plate showing the site, with the appropriate information thereon, should anyone want to fly in and try it out.
The runways should accommodate most microlights, 11/29 is about 1300 metres and 06/24 a bit shorter, at 900 metres in length. Mike Speers ( one of the club memnbers there has told me that the runway surfaces are OK' ish, with the odd tuft of vegetation growing through the surface here and there.

None of our microlights had a problem with it last year anyway. Mike flies a Jabiru which is based there, and you can contact him direct - mikespeers@manx.net He is a really nice guy.

We are going on June 8th to the 16th, so if you want to pop in and camp overnight, give us a shout - we always listen to 129.825 just in case there's no one from the club monitoring 130.1 (Andreas Radio).

Dont forget to get your Special Branch clearance 48 hours prior is a good idea, and file a GA report.

A life vest wouldn't be a bad idea either, even if you fly a four stroke. !!! Anyone wanting further details can call my mobile on 07973 940222

See you there.

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13-05-09, 23:23 PM
did it last year, but used Ronaldsway..... bloody expensive !

Phil Perry
14-05-09, 08:06 AM
You're right Jon,

EGNS Is a bit on the expensive side !! We use Andreas as it is a nice site for camping ON the airfield, also Katrina and Rob Morrey, the owners are very nice people. The landing fee there is a tenner, and five quid per night camping. We reckon this is very reasonable for the convenience, there are toilets & showers on site, and the place is secure enough to leave your gear in the tents etc. Its a 0.9 mile walk into the village to the nearest hosltelry also, and the site is well known to the local taxi drivers.

You have to keep a good lookout for "Hughie" the air taxi pilot though, as he flies "Straight in" without a circuit, on his regular round trips to and from Newtownards, but he always monitors 130.1 He flies a Cessna 337 "Push - me - Pull - you" amongst other things, and he has a bowser of Avgas kept on the site.

Kind regards,

Phil P.

14-05-09, 18:13 PM
can MOGAS be picked up at Andreas?, are Gerry cans available?


Phil Perry
15-05-09, 19:00 PM
Sorry about the delay in responding Jon.....

I'm working like the proverbial one armed paper hanger at the moment as one of my guys is off sick..... anyway, in response to your question regarding Mogas, they didn't have it available on the site last year BUT, I'm sure it can be arranged.

Vondy's petrol station just down the road towards Ramsey has now closed down, and there isn't another garage in Andreas itself so the nearset is the Shell station in Ramsey. I'm sure that Rob and Katrina would lend you a Jerry can though,... and if you are there between Monday June 8th ( After about 6PM, ) and Monday 16th, I can run you down to Ramsey for some fuel. I'll have a couple Jerries in our club air support van. Give me a ring on 07973 940222 if you are definitely going to pop in, and I'll try not to be in a pub that's too far away !!!

Kind regards


Phil Perry
15-05-09, 19:06 PM

I tried to PM you, but I got a general error from the board, dunno why.


Phil P.

18-05-09, 20:44 PM
Cheers Phil,
we will only make it over for a night or 2 at most. Will go over for the big TT race and maybe the 600 races. Will give you a call well in advance.


andy dixon
18-05-09, 22:10 PM
i've always found,if you give a visiting motorcyclist a ride in your plane,he and his mates will run you around for fuel......till the cows come home...........it's one of the few holidays you can turn a proffit at the end of the week ! (but of course you wouldn't coz your not allowed)

Phil Perry
19-05-09, 13:17 PM
Yeah.........you're right Andy.....

That's what we all don't do, ( ! ) as it aint legal ( ! )

LAst time I flew there, it wasn't by Microlight, as I had too many hangers on. I had to hire a piper four seater to carry the extra bodies and tents. We were hoping to fly that around the island a bit with some biker passengers NOT donating ( of course) too, but the thing was an absolute shed and the alternator wasn't working properly so we had to leave the thing on a battery charger for four days instead to make sure we could start the bugger to get us home. ( a 200 horsepower GA lump is very hard to "Hand Prop !! ) Then we hit a large HARE on the runway just at the moment of lift off... which ripped the right hand main gear door off the leg and left it behind ! Anyway, as of yesterday, I've had to cancel my ferries, as work has intervened so now if I CAN make it, it will have to be a quick avis rentaplane jobbie on Friday thru to monday just to catch the superbike and the sidecar races ( weather / vidibility permitting, as my instrument rating ran out 25 yeears ago, and we wouldn't want to break any rules now would we ??.posting.php?mode=reply&f=4&t=360# (http://www.microlightforum.com/posting.php?mode=reply&f=4&t=360#)


andy dixon
19-05-09, 15:51 PM
i keep almost going ifr in my flexwing quantum 582,as old habbits die hard,i started flying out of leeds/bradford international 20 years ago and it is 660ft amsl. so you always went I F R.... even for a pee you had to have night rating as the bulb never worked,hope you have a nice time.....andy

19-05-09, 23:09 PM
Will you be there for Mad Sunday? Really need to be near Douglas for that day in any case.
I have never watched the racing up on the north of the Island, are there any particular good vantage points, I always seem to catch it at the bottom of Brae hill or out at Deers leap, would make a change to see it somewhere different.