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17-05-09, 07:39 AM
Vandalised A/C very spooky or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
You all may well remember the chap that had that issue at Linton!!! The other month,
Well he has had his A/C totally vandalised by what seems a STANLEY Knifed wielding and angry maniac? :twisted:
Not one piece of fabric, the wings top & Bottom, fuselage all around it ,rudder top to bottom both sides, ailerons both sides ,Fin, elevators, The bloody lot ! Every conceivable panel have not been left untouched even the pod and wind shield :mad:
It took over 2 day for the police to respond and gave the Owner there usual crime number but was in a but of a hurry to get to her next job, some thing juicy! NO some youths had striped some bark of a tree ????? :dope:

Not the fact that this one was quit serious under
Section 1, aviation and maritime security act 1980 (damage to aircraft – the one it should be crimed under) not just a bit of vandalism
Section 73 and 148 (7) Air navigation order 2005. (Recklessly/negligently act in a manner likely to endanger aircraft or persons within

So Beware there’s some mad *******s out there and some of you may well know who it is just remember it always comes back and Bite's ya :knob: :ripper:

Frank Thorne
17-05-09, 09:01 AM
Funny enough I found myself having to divert as a precaution on my way to Popham. Having flown down the Manchester corridor which was my first time and I have to say pretty rough and with difficulty in maintaining correct height as I was frequently hitting thermals and sink of +/- 300ft not counting the A frame hitting my shoulders if not carefull I had a problem. I flipped my Map chart over for my route on 1:500000 to Sywell and realised I had misfolded the chart and it was not possible to re fold it in the air due to the conditions ( I am flying a flexwing by the way ) 100 miles to Sywell by GPS and no map over terrain I am flying over for the first time Ehrrrm No thanks easy decision put down into Ashcroft and sort myself out.

I have never been into Ashcroft but knew the layout and was aware that its strictly PPR. The only choice of runway in the strong gusty wind was going to be the shortest and narrowest or have probably a 12+ gusting crosswind. Circuits are to be avoided so as not to annoy the locals so I did the minimum join overhead to check the field an did join downwind. Not easy conditions and had to to a go around as I was getting a fair old bashing on late finals so went longer second time around and made it in still sweating.

Nobody around so went and paid my landing fee and sorted my maps out by which time Steve the owner arrived. I apologised for my non PPR arrival explained my predicament and he couldnt have been nicer about it, the exact opposite of what happened at Linton. Ashcroft is a nice quiet out of the way spot to while away a Sunday afternoon it seems so will have to visit during the summer this time PPR for sure.

26-05-09, 08:14 AM

Where did this happen, was it at Medway? Were there other machines nearby and ignored or was this one parked alone. Have you been able to narrow down the time that it happened. Has the owner checked with any neighbours or trades if any vehicles were seen parked nearby. (milkmen can be useful). Police will just treat it as a damage and no more important than a car being keyed and will probably just file the report.

I recall vandals slashed the wings on a number of aircraft a few years ago but that was thought to be a mad local with a grudge about the airfield (can't remember where it was). Bored kids aren't likely to damage in the way you've described so if this was singled out at an airfield you'd have to think this was a personal attack. I hope Whoever did this gets caught because these things leave a nasty taste. :evil:



02-06-09, 00:31 AM
adding 2 what some b@$Łards will do hangers wer broke into at letterkenny ireland, 3gps, 2 radios and a heap of tools wer stolen from letterkenny a couple of months ago and models that wer in the hanger jumped on and completely ruined!!!! just lucky they didnt attack the planes with a stanley knife like the incident above