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Steady Eddie
27-09-14, 17:55 PM
Engine is not turning over fast enough to fire engine.
New battery fitted.
I suspect it may be starter motor.
What type of starter motor is on Jab 2200.

27-09-14, 18:08 PM
not sure but have you checked earths and solenoid ?

27-11-14, 20:51 PM
Check the earth is attached directly from the back plate back to the battery. This will give a much better earth return. Also how old is the baterry, and do you have a battery isolator switch ( ususlly mounted in the roof ) in the positive mainn feed.

If you do not have an isolator I would strongly advise fitting one as the Thruster has a tendancy to drain the battery even with every thing switched off. Something to do with the way the regulator is wired so I am told. What ever the reason way it works.

The other thing it could be is ( as I have found recently ) that the phosfer Bronze bearing has worn alowing the gears to the clutch to rub against the case and pull the starter rpm down. A new Bush and its fixed.

A New Jabiru starter motor with the clutch is an eye watering 784.05 !!!


30-11-14, 16:46 PM
When hubby had a Quantum 582 it was both pull start (original fitment) and electric start,come the cold weather it was a very poor starter on electric as the engine didn't turn over fast enough to trigger the electronic ignition.
pull half a pull on the rope and it jumped into life.

we had a few friends with 582 engines and they all fitted pull starts as a winter back-up

nothing whatsoever to do with a jabiru engine,but it's sometimes the weather that's to blame and not your engine

Sean McDonald
30-11-14, 22:47 PM
Jump leads and car battery? I'm told the Jab needs some serious juice to turn it over fast enough to fire if cold and damp. Mine has a jump lead socket wired in. Not needed it yet but last time I started it was harder to get going.

Steady Eddie
03-12-14, 23:44 PM
Choke adjusted as not engaging fully, problem solved