View Full Version : How do you say x-air?

18-10-14, 11:23 AM

It may seem a stupid question, but as a non-English native speaker i have doubts about how to correctly pronounce x-air, is it «eks»-air? «cross»-air may be?

Thank you,

José P.

18-10-14, 14:04 PM
I would pronounce it as you first said {eks} air.

Paul Dewhurst
18-10-14, 16:35 PM
Of course if its a crashed one it could be EX Air..!


22-10-14, 22:30 PM
Thank you for your answers. As for the crashed (he,he), the fact is that as far as i remember there is no registered accident of a X-Air in Spain, don't know in UK, but the idea i have of this plane is that it is a safe and noble aircraft, very suitable for novel pilots. I seriously considered buying one, then i bought a Bingo, another slow but good plane.


José Pascual