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24-11-14, 19:00 PM

I was up today first time in cold weather flying. Microaviation full helmet with full visor including the neoprene under chin guard/cover.

I was getting a little fogged up on the lower section of the visor so if obscured instrument vision a little.

Anything I could do? maybe small holes near the visor edge of the neoprene cover??

There is a catch on the peak at the top of the visor but i think thats just to stop the visor from rising during flight.

dave nixon
24-11-14, 19:05 PM
Use anti fog motorcycle spray and wipe off ,in a tiny spray can from all bike shops

24-11-14, 19:06 PM
..but of course!

thanks Dave :D

24-11-14, 20:34 PM
Rain X anti fog. It's genius.

24-11-14, 20:50 PM
Rain X anti fog. It's genius.

bought on fleabay! thanks Mike :)

24-11-14, 20:52 PM
Just don't let the inside get wet or it 'blooms'

24-11-14, 23:08 PM
A little bikers trick - neat fairy liquid (the smallest of drops) on a soft tissue, smeared till dry in the inside of the visor, works wonders :-) added bonus is when you've sweated enough to fog it up again, a simple wipe and you're back in business!

24-11-14, 23:16 PM
Nice one..thanks :D

25-11-14, 14:31 PM
I shop here http://www.visorvision.co.uk/shop/

I'm satisfied :)

21-01-16, 16:20 PM
or being a biker & micro-lighter myself you can go wrong with this... also photochomatic..


21-01-16, 22:01 PM
You can also buy a double glazed panel that sticks to the inside of the visor

22-01-16, 11:22 AM
Well, i did the ultimate cure: just removed the neoprene chin cover.
works a treat! Yes a little more air around the face but not much. Radio calls still clear. Fine in freezing conditions.