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Frank Thorne
26-05-09, 22:12 PM
We had a Gyro visit us at our field yesterday one of those MT-03 thingies I think. When he came to leave he started up the 912s and I was suprised as where a few others on how much of a non event it was. One turn of the prop and it was purring away at tickover without a care in the world. Not the usual type of startup on a Quik where its seemingly trying to throw itself clear of the aircraft along with assorted crashes and banging. The engine mounts on the Gyro must be rock solid as it didnt even twitch as it started up. Is this normal for the Mt03 or did I just catch it on a good day?

Bob T
26-05-09, 22:23 PM
Probably normal for anything that is not made by P&M. My Tanarg does not shake itself to bits either.

andy dixon
27-05-09, 08:14 AM
if you grab hold of an engine on a P+M 912 they rock about,then do the same with the auzi airbourn 912,not a rock in sight. we have 9 mt03 giros at rufforth a couple of mt03 sport and a few other types of giro, and they all seem to start nice.i put a soft start on a 912s quik last year,and last week i put one on my own 912 quik...... and they did seem to not shake half as much.....the trick is soft start for starting and slipper clutch for shut down. every maker makes what he feels is good/safe/and re-salable.if you took out the rubber mounts on a quik can you imagine the shake on the airframe ?

P.S. i have had an advert on afores for 2 weeks wanting a 912 P+M engine frame as mine has been welded up so many times it is starting to look like a liability ! .........(it's the bird sh*t repair weld by previous owner to what started off as a minor crack).....will upload photo when i take one

but joking apart i think P+M have made a fantastic product for the job it was intended to do,and i have always found they bend over backwards with help and advice, with an after-sales service that is almost impossible to beat.
i had a sail repair (patch fitted and sown) once on the table it took the girl 5minuits to do.......and guess what they charged me ! yes thats right one tenth of an hour plus materials used....total bill including the v.a.t. was 6 quid
how's that for honest and up-front ! i was expecting 75 or a 100 at the very least.

Bob T
27-05-09, 09:17 AM
Andy, The only bit that I would criticise on a quik is the mounting frame, it is not sturdy enough. The Quantum that was owned by the RAFMFA was very well looked after with no expense spared, but there was paint missing and corrosion on the engine frame in the weld areas.
P&M seem to concentrate on wings these days and stick with the same old trike. my personal opinion is that the trike is in need of a major update, but I like the comfort and design of the Tanarg. An update could allow them to re-design the engine frame, the engine shake is after all, something that many owners have complained about.
It is the same old British industry saying "It must be good because we are selling them". The last major British industry to use that was the motorcycle manufacturers - and look what happened there.

Frank Thorne
27-05-09, 22:06 PM
It will be interesting to see the new Trike Probably a copy of the Tanarg... kidding.

andy dixon
27-05-09, 22:54 PM
the only thing that looks remotely like a tanarg is a 30 grand pile of 20 quid notes..

......coz if i had a 30 grand pile it would look like a tanarg within the day !

27-05-09, 23:52 PM
Love the pic.

Maude gets himself on this forum on many occasions but doesn't contribute. How should we get him out of the closet????

Frank Thorne
28-05-09, 00:17 AM
30k and quikR but would probably wait for the new trike. As if I had 30k to splash out...... :lol:

28-05-09, 14:14 PM
Hi Frank, What odds can you get on Everton ? you can always partex the Blade.