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Neil W
28-01-15, 00:22 AM
Has anyone installed a Magnum BRS parachute on a Skyranger? Iím struggling to find a route for the rear harness attachments.

The installation sketch shows them attached to either end of TU7 (the horizontal tube that the back of the windscreen attaches to), but Gary at Airmasters recommends attaching to TU6 (the verticals that carry the rear spar attachment). I cannot find a way for the harness to fit below the rear spar attachment without it severely distorting the fuselage covering.


andy dixon
28-01-15, 08:07 AM
Nothing to do with your sky ranger fitting but....
I have had a BRS chute fitted to the last 3 flex wings I have owned,I have always had to have the rear skirts taken off and re-shaped, bits cut off the trimmings of the plane etc. my point is, they never fit where they would look pretty, every 3 axis I have been in with one fitted there has always been a bit of chopping done and lumps and bumps sticking out. When you do get it fitted I hope you post some detailed pics on here for all to see......
Kind regards

andy dixon
28-01-15, 17:54 PM
On the yellow Quantum it's the skirt had to be altered and a patch put in.
On the red Quik a door had to be cut and the skirt altered in shape underneath.

In real life it looks a lot better than the photos

Neil W
29-01-15, 07:50 AM
Thanks Andy, it hadn't occurred to me that the solution might involve disfiguring her. I'll have a look at the weekend to see what the impact might be.

Paul Dewhurst
29-01-15, 09:22 AM
Depends what length the strops are - but best off recommend taking them down to the tu9 steel main crossmember. You can then slide them underneath that between it and the gear leg, between the attachment U bolts. It's the strongest part of the plane and the bit your **** is attached to via the seat belt...

would still recommend taking them outside the tu6 at the top though so it holds the strops apart and makes a nice wide triangle for a stable descent. but a single thickness shouldn't distort the covering much.


Neil W
29-01-15, 12:39 PM
I would certainly like to ride down with the parachute rather than admiring it from an every growing distance so attaching to TU9 makes sense. I'll speak to Airmasters about getting longer strops.

Getting a single thickness under the covering is fine, it was the double thickness of the loop plus the stitching and heat shrink that was causing me grief.

Thanks for your help.