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Forum Owner
16-02-15, 18:29 PM
Hello People.

Having just read the post from Andy after my misjudgement yesterday, I have set up this Anonymous safety area. Guests to the forum are allowed to post, and I am hereby testing it, to see if it works. I have logged out to do so.

The idea being that, as VFR pilots, we sometimes do things that are either, stupid, daring, or just plain illegal, but yet we were able to walk away from it. In this area, we can share it with the world, anonymously, and then sign in, and slag ourselves off so nobody knows who the fool was.

I'm sure there's quite a number of us, who have done something, and were too scared to share it, for fear of the repercussions from the CAA, or whoever.

So, now we have the area, please share it, and let's all learn something.

Oh, and here's hoping that we don't have to close this section down due to spam, it would be a great shame.

16-02-15, 18:30 PM
Well, here's me talking to myself. Seems it worked :-) :drinkingcheers:

16-02-15, 20:25 PM
Hello, My name is Burt, I am an alchoh..........oops wrong forum

seriously, yep it's working Vince

Sean McDonald
16-02-15, 23:04 PM
So if we post it's anonymous?

Sean McDonald
16-02-15, 23:05 PM
Maybe not then as I can see it's me...

16-02-15, 23:11 PM
log out first Sean (you wanker)! ;)

16-02-15, 23:56 PM
Sean, the guest was right ;-) Seriously, log out, then you can post anonymously.

Welcome banned members :drinkingcheers:

18-02-15, 21:06 PM
seems open to abuse by trolls though