View Full Version : Flying on Friday

Bob T
14-06-09, 17:57 PM
We were asked if we wanted to go over to Domme on Friday to see the home build/design on its test flight. This was done by the owner/builder as is normal here in France.
We were not sure if Domme was under the fog when we were nearly there, but as luck would have it it was at the edge.

Some of the others were there, the 900 microlight "cut and shut" is the one in the middle.

This is the one that we had all come to see. I did actually fly, but was almost impossible to control even after we had moved 4 kilos of weight from the front to the back. It also flew with considerable yaw. As this is a 2 axis with no ailerons, we assumed that the wings were not parallel and did not fly it again as we needed a file to move the rear wing mounting holes.

This little microlight (you can tell by the registration number that it is a microlight) came and did some aerobatics while we we drinking coffee.

Then this home built gyro turned up. It had the same engine as our bikes, a BMW R1100S engine.

I took a friend up for a flight and found Jude at the end of the runway where she took this picture of us landing.

We followed the 900 microlight home as he had a slight problem with the engine stopping. He climbed to about 5000" over Domme and then headed back to Galinat. We flew above him just in case the engine stopped again. He intends to fit an electric started for the future.