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dave nixon
13-05-15, 21:41 PM
12242Great first of the year weekly fly in and BBQ for Severn Valley Microlight Club this evening,27 aircraft attended great flight home,thanks to Darren( ATC) for hospitality

David H
14-05-15, 21:29 PM
Cheers for the pic Russ. Sadly I wasn't on it as I was still travelling!!
one day I might be able to afford a real aircraft that doesn't take me 50 min to fly 28 NM lol.

great to meet you and sorry I didn't chat longer - I had to set off home otherwise I wouldn't have made before dark!!

wont be at next week as I have a working night but will hopefully catch up with you soon.

Anyone who wants to join our club can just PM me :)

15-05-15, 17:39 PM
I sent cheque around 6 weeks ago, it has not been cashed and I am not getting the emails.

dave nixon
15-05-15, 18:50 PM
I've emailed secretary Russ

David H
15-05-15, 19:10 PM
I've PM'd you Russ.

16-05-15, 18:31 PM
Cheers guys

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