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15-05-15, 23:46 PM
I hope Jimi will forgive me for the thread title :-)

So I've gone over to the dark side (part time) and bought a share in the Eurofox at Blackbushe, to provide more flying opportunities when the flex isn't the best option. I've done two and a half hours familiarisation in it, and I'm loving it!

Do we have any other Eurofox owners or shareholders (collective term - wingfolders?) on the forum? Looking forward to some foxy chat!


16-05-15, 08:53 AM
Just sell the flex contraption now, no point owning some inferior product when you have the eurofox. ;)

16-05-15, 09:56 AM
Appreciate the sentiment, but I'll always fly flexis - it's in your blood once you do :-). Maybe I could tempt you over to the light?! But yes, long distance or in the bumps, I think the Fox will be a little less taxing!

21-04-16, 14:54 PM
Yes, I have one too - that I am learning to fly in (16+ hours and counting!)

Had it since last summer (G-EFOX) and I am based at Dunkeswell

Best wishes


21-04-16, 15:06 PM
Hi Chris

Ive been flying her for about a year now, and it is great fun! Is G-EFOX a taildragger or w tricycle gear? I have a family get together near your field in July so I'll hopefully fly in for that, and see you there! Can you tell me - if the forecast isn't great for the week or so I'll be there, would there be somewhere I could tuck her with wings folded to keep her out of the rain? Who would I need to speak to for that?



21-04-16, 15:26 PM
Hello - quick reply, excellent!

G-EFOX is a taildragger - I started learning when I bought her in June 2015 but the weather has not been so kind recently.

Not sure if you are familiar with Dunkeswell but it is at 839 feet and seems to catch all the wind and low cloud that is going!

Be nice to meet another owner, I am parked (unfolded) in a hangar at Somerset Microlights, and belong to the Devon and Somerset Microlight Club and the Devon Strut

The owner of Somerset Microlights (and my Instructor) is Jim Greenshields, 01404 891880 or 07836 613544 - give him a call? I am sure he could squeeze another into the hangar or help in some way?

If you want to call for a chat, numbers are 01803 207438 (office) 01392 278549 (home) or 07966 754528 (mobile)



21-04-16, 16:40 PM
Cheers Chris - much appreciated! I'll give you a tinkle before I head down if the weather behaves!

Happy landings :-)