View Full Version : BMAA Defect Alert #0052: Semperit Fuel Hose

29-05-15, 18:00 PM
Dear All,

An important defect alert regarding Semperit Fuel Hose, please read it carefully.

29/05/2015 Inspector Defect Alert:

Defect Alert #0052 – Semperit Fuel Hose FUB 386 3Q/2014

Link: http://bmaa.org/files/defect_alert__0052_-_semperit_fuel_hose_fub_386_3q-2014.pdf

If you’re aware of any more occurrences please pass the information on.

Once we have more details from the investigation we will be sure to forward for dissemination.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the BMAA Technical Office.

Kind regards,

Rob Mott
Chief Inspector

Rossal Flyers
30-05-15, 19:23 PM
Any kit builders out there need to check the fuel hose supplied. Just checked mine in a Nynja kit supplied in Februaryand it has the same batch of Semperit Q3/14 included.

30-05-15, 19:33 PM
I'll be checking our Nynja hoses tomorrow.
How's your build coming on Damien?

Rossal Flyers
30-05-15, 22:06 PM
My build is very slow at the moment, i started a new job the week after the kit arrived!!1226312264