View Full Version : Arplast Ecoprop setting on a Quik 912s

Blade 582
14-07-15, 17:19 PM

I've recently had my Arplast EcoProp refurbished at Manton. It has now been set to factory settings with max revs at 4200 rpm.

I am after advice for the best prop setting to get the best use of the 912s power. All advice welcome.

Many Thanks.

14-07-15, 20:06 PM
When they first made the Quik the prop had to be set to get under the noise restrictions,and obtain a noise certificate. As a consequence you could not get the full 100hp out of the 912s engine.
As technology improved over the years they then fitted the Warp drive propeller which delivers much closer to the 100hp the engine produces.

to alter the prop for more HP would take the prop outside its noise certificate and render your permit in question.

the best thing to do is get a warp drive.

i always found the arplast much smoother and quieter,but if it's balls out performance you want it's a warp drive prop you need.