View Full Version : Electric trimmer on P&M flexies - which method?

17-08-15, 20:55 PM
Here's a question.... The manual for the electric trimmers on P&M wings (my experience is with the GT450), says the pilot should move the bar to the required position, then adjust the trimmer to remove bar pressure.

in my experience, I don't always do that - when trimming to speed up in lively conditions for example, I'll bring the bar back alongside adjusting the trim to avoid putting pressure on the trimmer motor by pulling the trim cord/bungee tight, and to avoid the bar coming back quickly if a gust hits. Similarly, if I'm trimming from fast to very slow, I'll push the bar forward ahead of the trimmer pull, but keeping the trim cord tight, leaving some muscle power in the one arm still holding the bar to correct anything as required.

What do other pilots do? Has anyone suffered a trimmer failure, and what was the cause if known? And this isn't about pointing fingers or suggesting stupidity, just interested to know what the conventional wisdom and shared experience is!



andy dixon
17-08-15, 21:35 PM
Don't let the motor do the work as it was never intended to do that,it's a small motor intended to just wind up the slack in the cord.

I fly a 2004 Quik with a manual trimmer,but my wife (Gillian on this forum) has a 2014 Quik with an electrical trimmer,I must say there are advantages with both systems,the manual trimmer is a lighter wing to swing around,but the electric trimmer is nice for take off and landing with a slower landing speed

To slow down I tent to push the bar forward first, then flick the switch until I feel a nudge on the bar.....if I want to go faster I hold the bar steady then flick the switch down a notch or two and then let the bar come back to a faster speed.