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06-10-15, 18:52 PM
I was just perusing some flying vids (mostly by skyflybri) when I cam across this peach of a lesson...in HD!
Prop strike and forced landing from low altitude and minimal options...
Probably done the rounds already...

damn, the embed may not work, here's the link:



06-10-15, 19:15 PM
Good skillz by Steve.
Lovely aircraft that was.
Made a decent boat.
Made a poor submarine tho :D

06-10-15, 19:17 PM
Out of interest what happened to the trike ?

Sean McDonald
06-10-15, 20:52 PM
Anyone heard from Steve??

andy dixon
06-10-15, 21:24 PM
Speaking from experience ......I've had the engine stop in a 6 month old Quik as well as a 10 year old high hours two stroke.

Practice forced landings are usually done with the engine running......just remember when the engine stops so does the prop.

The engine on tick over will propel you down a Tarmac runway at about 10 mph. In a real engine stop the propeller acts like a massive air brake probably robbing you of 5-10 mph.

Add the two together and your "dropping like a brick" factor in "sh1tting your pants" and it makes Steve's landing first class !

Well done.

06-10-15, 22:35 PM
Anyone heard from Steve??

Yeah is is rebuilding the hangar that he crashed earlier in the year.

07-10-15, 07:06 AM
Anyone heard from Steve??

I ran into him at Broadmeadow a couple of weeks ago. He is keeping well, and cheerful as ever, but is clearly very busy at work.