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23-07-09, 20:31 PM
I have always been a very active Microlighter, flying most weekends and the odd evening, even though I had to travel an hour to get to the airfield. Last year I logged 200 hours and this year was going very well up until May and I had logged over 80 hours in the first 5 months of 2009. I have not seen my Airplane since then, due to the pressures of being a new dad. We had our first, a little boy, a young aviator, a month ago and all went well. I was so busy during the build up and following the birth that I did'nt even think of flying, I did'nt even get a chance to visit this forum. That is up until now. I can't wait to get back up there again. I hope to venture back into the air on the bank holiday weekend in August, fingers crossed.

On a brighter note I might be moving to another airfield just 30 minutes from me in the next couple of weeks, this will make a big difference now that I am grounded a lot more. Don't get me wrong I am really loving being a dad, it is just that flying is my drug and I need a fix soon.

Have any of you guys gone through this and when did you get back flying again?


23-07-09, 21:11 PM
Hi Damien.

I've been a dad for many a year now. George is 16 and Laura is 13. I didn't start flying microlights until about 18 months ago. I understand what you must be going through though.

Be a good Dad. You and your son will love you for it in the future.

23-07-09, 22:20 PM
Thanks Vince,

Iam looking forward to all the little adventures which lie ahead, he is riggling in my arms as i write this, I hope he will like flying, as when he is old enough i plan on taking him camping to flyins all over, you know, just to give his mum a break, i'm good like that.


andy dixon
23-07-09, 22:45 PM
haven't you herd of a baby seat from halfords ! 39-99 .......stick him in that,go flying,wife will never know,once he starts talking and shouting words like "clear prop" buy him an m.p.3. ..................job sorted..........

24-07-09, 17:44 PM
I know exactly where you are coming from Damien, I have one 3 year old and another 3.5 month old daughter. It's difficult and sometimes very frustrating but of course family comes first. I sneak in some flying when work, family and weather permits, so needless to say I'm waaaaaay behind schedule on my flying quota!! :lol:

25-07-09, 11:10 AM
I have a 28, 26 and 19 year old and it flies by if you excuse the pun !! Enjoy the weans while you can, and , if you think flying is expensive .......................................

26-07-09, 19:23 PM
My little one has just turned one and i hear what your saying. Im pleased i trained before she arrived as there's no way id have been able to spare all the time. Flying is now a fine balancing act of, available time, weather, aircraft and loads of other little things that you just cant plan for (stuff that is probably familiar to a great deal of us). Just think when he's older you will be able to share the magic with him, i know im looking forward to the day when i can share with my little one what i worked so hard to achieve.

Happy flying.

26-07-09, 20:55 PM
Apparently my wife told me the other day that I've got two sons, one 20 the other 17.....fancy that !....been so busy flying. :eek:
Seriously though, its a fine balancing act and the"'bin lids'"do come first followed by the " troublle and strife ". We've all been there and the dont worry, your plane wont hate you for not flying her but I guarantee you'll be in hot water if you're not there for the family.

Ade :cool:

31-07-09, 02:42 AM
Damien i have the perfect thing for you johnny me and the lads are heading somewhere this weekend come along looks like EI-AB for the nyt !! my first trip out in the xair as a liecensed pilot :D

31-07-09, 10:40 AM
Congrats Andrew on getting your GFT, well done. I was due to get out for a few hours this weekend. I was working hard with my job recently and twice as busy at home and was looking forward to getting back to G-UPTA for a few hours after a few months away. Unfortunately weather looks poor. But hopefully might get back into the air in the next couple of weeks. My Permit is due for renewal on the 20th of August anyway so will have to get a flight in before then. Looking forward to it and taking a trip to Tandragee and Letterkenny again. Thanks a million guys for all your advise. I had not even the time recently to visit this forum.

Safe flying,


01-08-09, 22:07 PM
thanks damien! :D so i found out about the weather is absoloute crap couldnt even get as far as carrigart 2day :( hope ill see u in letterkenny soon

08-08-09, 20:36 PM
Thanks everyone for your replies, I can now answer my own question. The answer is 12 weeks. Got back flying again yesterday evening after work. Took off and flew to my Skyrangers new home to make sure it would fit into the hanger, which it did, snug and comfortable. So now I will only have to travel 30 minutes to my plane instead of 1 hour as before. I am flying again tomorrow and next week some day I will take a day off and get the plane permitted. Following that I will move the plane to its new home as well as all my hanger gear and tools. Happy days and hopefully this will mean I will fly a little more regularly than I would have before. :D