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03-08-09, 18:45 PM
Hi there

I am looking on Afors in anticipation of buying a four stroke 3 Axis microlight at some point in the near future. One thing I have noticed though is that they are not as common as their two stroke cousins. It got me wondering about purchasing one from abroad. Are there problems with buying used microlights from abroad? I don't seem to be able to find any websites set up for selling aircraft within the EU. Just the odd one or two that make it onto AFORS. Does anyone have any decent addresses I could look at?



Bob T
06-08-09, 09:59 AM
A French website is http://www.pa-ulm.com/. These are all private adverts.
Another is http://www.ulmstex.com/document.php?pagendx=168. This one has nice pictures and the owner speaks very good English.
Not sure that it will be easy importing a machine that is not sold on the UK market, and I think that due to sterling being at an all time low, it might be quite expensive.
Good luck.

07-08-09, 09:12 AM
A word of warning, many microlights imported to the UK have had to be modified to conform with "Section S" that defines a UK microlight. This is because the air is different in the UK, either that or because the CAA is a bigger pain than most other regulating authories.
So if it is a type that is already imported here you will need to find out what these mods are, should there be some in place, and how much a conversion would cost, if it is not imported already then you are sticking your toe in very murky water indeed
Good luck

25-11-09, 16:25 PM
I tried to bring a couple into the UK and it worked out OK by 'coming via a loophole' but I think the loophole has now been closed.
However I regularly used http://www.skysupermarket.it/home_en.htm to source these aircraft from Italy. I used http://www.bachecaannunci.it/?search=ultraleggeri to get ULM's from Italy also.
Sometimes I would use http://www.humbert-aviation.com/occasions_en.php
to browse for ULM's in France,
http://www.pilots24.com/pilots24/index.php is also a site I used for ULM's from Germany and managed to get a C42 into Northern Ireland via this website.