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06-08-09, 23:46 PM
The Huddersfield Examiner reported this.

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A BIG rescue operation was launched today after a microlight aircraft came down at Lepton.

Air traffic controllers at Leeds Bradford Airport had received a distress call about an aircraft near Emley moor.

Police and fire crews rushed to fields off Wakefield Road, Lepton when the craft was spotted from the air.

The plane had taken off from York and was thought to have been involved in a collision with a bird.

Two people thought to be hurt.

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Pilot was our own Andy Dixon, with a friend on board.

I went to collect the wing and the accident looks like a bird strike of the prop, which lost a blade, the resulting vibration threw the carbs and exhaust off the engine. Andy did a sterling job of getting the trike into a field with many slopes.

Passenger was fine, Andy was lifted by air ambulance to Pinderfields hospital in Wakefield for precautionarry checks due to his "glass" back.

I spoke to him on the telephone earlier and he's fine. He was hoping to sort the plane out this weekend and go flying again but the AAIB have the trike unit. So he may have some time to wait before he gets back in the air in his own aircraft.

You can try out my new plane at the weekend if I do purchase it mate. :D

07-08-09, 06:51 AM
Best wishes to Andy and his plane for a speedy return to the air. Roger

Bob T
07-08-09, 08:22 AM
What dreadful news, and one of our own too. Please send him our best wishes.

07-08-09, 08:52 AM
Crikey that sounds close, It's a relief they are both ok. Top skills on getting it down safely Andy, i hope you can get out flying again soon.

Best Regards
Dave Lynch.

07-08-09, 13:12 PM
Hope both are well and get airborne again, soon.
all the best guys

PS owt left of the bird, as price of chicken has gone up at our local supermarket. :twisted:

andy dixon
07-08-09, 22:58 PM
hi guys ! lived to tell anothertail........please re-send the pics to your self in an e-mail and then blow up the size.....you will kak your pants ! imagine the airbox is in the right place,just look how far it has ripped the engine off the trike....about 30' off to one side, i will upload the info from the sat-nav,from pulling out of the spiral dive to landing and stopping was a length of 300 meters, and the hight at the end of the spiral was more than 186ft but less than 203ft a.g.l........all this kicked off at 850ft a.g.l...(info downloaded from garmin sat-nav)
the prop blade ripped off-----the engine screwed round 30'------the arce of the plane started whipping round pushing the plane into a spiral dive and a 60'+ bank------engine mags off-------a good 60' bank one way(that was with the wing pulled hard the other way) ----and when the engine stopped the plane flicked into a 60' the other way,as i had the bar hard over ! pulled streight at 200ft (86mph on garmin 296) point at hill side and landed half way up a 30' hillside........3 wheels on my wagon ! what more could i do......
didn't role the trike but the hill was so steep the trike started sliding back even with the brake hard on

08-08-09, 08:57 AM
Ooch, that looks nasty, very well done on sorting it out


Bob T
08-08-09, 09:42 AM
Yes, very lucky and very skilful.
Was it a birdstirke? Or was it blade failure?

andy dixon
08-08-09, 21:50 PM
went back and over flew the landing site ! shit how i got it in i shall never know,100% luck i think. they will always put it down as a bird strike,but i never saw any.........to take it off at the root it must have been a sodding ostrich ! and they can't fly. balistic chute is next on my shopping list !
went out for a fly in the quik today for an hour.....sh*t my self all the way !.......will try again tomorrow

09-08-09, 13:45 PM
Hi Andy, Glad you made it over to Ince today in time for breakfast. Hope you'll make it over for our full event next year.
Best wishes Roger

10-08-09, 00:18 AM
Full Examiner Story....

A MICROLIGHT pilot was airlifted to hospital after a ‘bird strike’ forced him into an emergency landing.

The 49-year-old was taken by Yorkshire Air Ambulance to Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield after he brought the light aircraft down in a field in Lepton.

But luckily he escaped with only a bad case of whiplash.

A passenger who was also on board was unhurt.

Air traffic controllers at Leeds Bradford Airport received an SOS call shortly before 10am yesterday, when the pilot said he was in difficulty.

One of the blades of the rear propeller had been sheered off in a suspected collision with birds – known as a bird strike – which forced the engine to cut out.

There was little other damage to the aircraft.

Rob Hill, chief inspector of the British Microlight Aircraft Association, said the aircraft was a Pegasus Quantum 15 registered to an owner in Dewsbury.

It had been inspected in the last few months.

He said: “This sort of scenario is extremely unusual.

“If there is any problem with the engine or pilot being hit by a bird, he would be able to land immediately.

“The beauty of a microlight is that it is relatively easy to land in a small area.

“Because the engine is behind the pilot, if the blade were to come off, it wouldn’t cause a problem for the pilot.

“By the sounds of things, this was an extremely well executed forced landing.”

A police helicopter was immediately dispatched to the area following yesterday’s emergency call to find out the microlight’s precise location.

Emergency crews were then sent to the field, off Town End Lane, just off Pinfold Lane, when it was spotted.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “At 9.50am our support unit got a call from Leeds Bradford Airport of a distressed light aircraft in Emley.

“A helicopter went out to locate the aircraft and it was discovered just before 10am in a field with two people on board.”

Fire crews from stations in Skelmanthorpe, Wakefield and Ossett were sent to the scene.

Watch manager Jed Pilling, from Wakefield Fire Station, said: “It looked as though one person had back injuries, but there wasn’t much we could do because of the remote location of the aircraft. The air ambulance came and took one person away.”

Yorkshire Ambulance Service sent a doctor, an ambulance and a rapid recovery vehicle to the field before the air ambulance arrived.

Two men arrived shortly before 11am to recover the aircraft, which is believed to have flown from York.

The pilot is thought to have suffered whiplash and was taken to hospital as a precaution.

10-08-09, 00:19 AM
A 49 year old....

I didn't realise you was as old as that matey.... you old git. ;-)

andy dixon
10-08-09, 06:58 AM
for 29 of the 30 seconds it all lasted , i thought 49 was as far as i was going to get in life.

saturday i listened to the A.T.C. voice recording,the last thing i said was "unable to eject,brace for impact" don't know what i thougt i was flying,but i 'aint seen no quantum with an ejector seat.....have you ?

10-08-09, 18:28 PM
Can you get a copy of it? We could post it on here for posterity :helpsos:

Bob T
10-08-09, 19:27 PM
Can you get a copy of it? We could post it on here for posterity :helpsos:

You mean for a laugh and to make sure that he is never allowed to forget it!

10-08-09, 22:50 PM
Can you get a copy of it? We could post it on here for posterity :helpsos:

You mean for a laugh and to make sure that he is never allowed to forget it!


But seriously though, had the incident turned out differently it would have made me stay on the ground and packed all this in. I've been a witness to a serious head injury by a hang glider pilot friend of mine.

He suffered a stall and stuffed it into a road in Passy Plain Joux in France. I thought he was dead and it took him over a year in re-habbilitation to get his functions back. He's now a shadow of his former self.

That put me off hang gliding and I don't do it anymore. If anything would have happened to my mate Andy, I don't think I'd be going to look at a 912 quantum on Wednesday, and the renewal of this website in February probably wouldn't have happened either.

But, he's OK. So, we'll take light of the situation and take the p*ss.

It doesn't mean that we don't care.

10-08-09, 23:10 PM
Bloody Hell Andy
Just seen this, good to here you did well getting it down and you and passenger are OK.
Hey the beers on me when you come over again.


11-08-09, 12:22 PM
Wow! Well done Andy on getting the trike down after that, amazing!

Hope you can fix the trike without too much expense.

11-08-09, 19:15 PM
Very well done Andy - it takes a stack of skill to sort a situation like that one. So pleased you are relatively OK. And wasn't it grand how the lads got stuck in and brought your trike and wing back.
All the best, Arnold

andy dixon
26-08-09, 08:07 AM
still stuggling to find a second hand arplas 166 prop for my quantum 582,
i have got a brand new engine and new gearbox, all the bent brackets,new exhaust..........but can't find a second hand prop...........
if anyone at your airfield has one or if you can put a note on your club website/notice board please it would be great.......

............andy........01924-466122 or 07960-316391

andy dixon
31-08-09, 21:52 PM
just a quick thanks, a local microlight store in sheffield saw all the stuff in the papers,well it was on the front page of 2 of them.............they have given me free of charge a shiney still in the wrapper rotax 582 engine and "c" type gearbox.....we all think that the microlight suppliers are just out to rip us all off ........but give these guys a try next time you want some bits......

http://www.microlightstore.co.uk 0114-360-2006

it's one of thoese stores where you can actually talk to the owner,and every one who answers a phone is a qualified pilot,so you shouldn't get all the usual sales bull s**t you get from other stores

P+M gave me a bit of discount on the new bits,and spent an hour of their time showing me what to look for, hidden damage wise.....thanks for your time roger !

Bob T
31-08-09, 23:43 PM
That is fantastic news Andy. I think I met the chap at Blois, seems a good bloke.

andy dixon
11-09-09, 07:39 AM
got my microlight flying again yesterday,

all permitted/checked etc. the new engine and gearbox perrrrrr like little kittens,super smooth,in the end i didn't use the 2 remaining blades from the old prop (no balls) i got a new hub and 3 blades......the owner of http://www.microlightstore.co.uk came over and jumped in the back for it's first "maiden fly" for an hour,just to make sure the engine and box he gave me for FREE were o.k.

then he let me fly his quik 912s for a couple of hours to the coast and back.......didn't even have to pay for the fuel !

i think he is going to mount my old engine/box/prop and all the bent brackets etc. on a stand with the newspaper clippings in the back ground......look more interesting for his customers than just a new engine in the window !
so thanks to all the guys at microlightstore

will post a couple of pics over the weekend

andy dixon
15-09-09, 08:10 AM
you did meet him bob,he was the bloke i was chatting to when i asked you if you spoke english,infact we were walking round most of the day together as he was wanting to pick the brains, from a customer's point of view, on the layout and advertising on trade stands..........i think they call it in the trade as .......sizing up the oposition ! ...........

andy dixon
16-09-09, 17:41 PM
doesn't she look pretty

Bob T
16-09-09, 18:13 PM
Yes Andy, but it would look better in my lawn mower :D

andy dixon
01-11-09, 08:12 AM
if you watch helecopter heros'(west yorkshire air ambulance) on
BBC1,yesturday's episode i am the pilot. the program is 42mins long but
my bit is 7mis45seconds in. and 22mins in
they have cut all the comical bits out of the voice recording......pitty
the field looks fine at a quick glance,but if you freeze frame it,it is all over the place,the 4,000 sheep p****d off when the helecopters arrived

link if you can't find it.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0 ... pisode_20/ (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00nkrmh/Helicopter_Heroes_Series_3_Episode_20/)

01-11-09, 09:03 AM
It's on the BBC I-Player at the moment but we'll have to get a recording of it for posterity. Anyone got the abilty to cut your bits out (so to speak)

I'll start a new thread and ask... we've got to youtube that bit and have a permenant link on here...

Bob T
01-11-09, 10:04 AM
A recording would be good. Some of us who have left the UK cannot get BBC iplayer!

01-11-09, 10:12 AM
You should have taped it on your Sky+ box Bob. :D

Bob T
01-11-09, 11:35 AM
Not Sky+, but Humax Freesat PVR. Trouble is that one has to know that something is coming to record it!