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08-08-09, 19:08 PM
Hi All,

Anyone going to the afore mentioned fly-in in Northumberland on the 22nd August?
Hopping to meet up with my mate Pat Gardner who has just passed his three axis microlight GST in his Thruster at Shobdon under the guidence of CFI Steve Jones. We hope to fly from a microlight site in the North Lakes and fly our Doodlebugs across to Eshott.
We will need a tail wind (SW) or no wind for it to be possible. Have a look at: http://www.eshottairfield.co.uk/
The contact is Chester Potts, Tel 07941368902
Hope to meet many of you there, if we make it!
By the way, there is going to be a beer tent with real ale, none of that fissy piss you get in Scottish pubs most of the time!!



10-08-09, 19:46 PM

Yes a few of us from the Cumbrian community are hoping to get over for the Eshott bash.


Frank Thorne
10-08-09, 22:02 PM
As far as I know there are a few coming from Ince

10-08-09, 22:14 PM
Can't make it, coming back from Kos on 22nd. 'er indoors might chuck a wobbler !! :eek:


I'll get up there some time though.

11-08-09, 19:04 PM
Yes, plan on flying there from Rufforth ... meeting up with a pal at Fishburn on route.

Frank Thorne
12-08-09, 19:01 PM
Pete do you fly from Glassonby by chance? Dont know which route we will be taking but thought about calling in for a cuppa if we go that way.

13-08-09, 23:22 PM
Hi frank,

Fly out of Balado near Kinross. If we get to Eshott, it will be from the North Lakes where I will be meeting up with my Mate Pat who is also a 3 axis microlighjter/bug flyer.