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01-12-16, 01:48 AM
Well my shadows old fuel tanks have gave way and started leaking. Any shadow owners know were I can source a rear seat tank?

Dave Morton
01-12-16, 07:42 AM
Try Brian Palfreyman of Phoenix microlight in Notts, 07970 012060 he advertises shadow tanks for sale in the back of MF magazine

01-12-16, 17:32 PM
one of the mates had a spare shadow he was breaking don't know if the tanks were still there also may be a set of the new alloy tanks available if he is not repairing his current machine.

09-12-16, 15:13 PM
I am going to relocate my tanks to the back seats. I have bought 2 plastic chaser tanks from Skydrive with some push in fittings. I have now set up the tanks ready to go into the aircraft.
I have set it up with tank one having a breather below the cap and a fuel out at the bottom to balance the tank with tank two. Tank two has another breather just below the cap, at the bottom of tank two there is a fuel in from tank one and a fuel out for fuel take. I am going to secure the tanks using a ratchet strap to the old seat belt mounting points. I am sure this or a similar setup has been used on a number of shadows.

10-12-16, 10:39 AM
I had twin tanks in the rear seat of both of my competition Shadows; works really well and still gives loads of room for storage. I had a fibrelam shelf araldited across the passenger compartment for the tanks to sit on. This raised the level of the tanks so I could see how much fuel was remaining and also allowed the fuel take to be placed at the very rear/bottom of the tanks to get every last bit of fuel. I also fitted quick-release connectors so I could remove the tanks for filling down at the petrol station when touring.

If your Shadow is a permit aircraft the modification procedure will make sure you're not doing anything daft, but if it's SSDR I'd be inclined to raise the seat belt anchor points to put them more in-line with the direction of load (no good if you crash it and the fuel tanks fly into the back of your head). The breather also wants careful routing via the boom tube.

The only problem with reading the fuel by looking at the front of the tanks is that the reading is affected by the flying attitude of the aircraft. I fitted a slip ball (level indicator) horizontally next to my head in the cabin so I could fly the aircraft at a specific attitude to make all my fuel level marks on the tank itself. Bear in mind the tanks change shape after being exposed to fuel (they often expand slightly) so all your fuel calculations go out the window.

Hope that helps,