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11-01-17, 13:41 PM
Just asking the question really , I've a 582 Blade is it possible to make it fly faster ? If so how and what would the consequences be.

11-01-17, 14:22 PM
Move the hang point

andy dixon
11-01-17, 14:54 PM
Take it to P&M and give it to billy brooks for half a day with your request.
The "dude" on this forum did just that,and is now thrilled to bits

11-01-17, 17:38 PM
Ok thanks for the info and what difference did it make ?

andy dixon
11-01-17, 21:38 PM
All wings can be tuned to do what you want them to do,within reason.
My Quantum 582 had the tips turned down and it did 67 mph in a straight line but was very twitchy and had to be landed fast. I turned the tips up and it did 57mph and was a dream to fly,and simple to land.

An old well used sail cloth will tend to slow down as the skin gets baggy and the leading edges bend round a bit, playing with the batterns make a hell of a difference,

There are quite a few folk around the country that are good with wings,

The big tip.....if you don't know what your doing,don't touch.