View Full Version : Moving a Thruster by road

Peter Twissell
20-01-17, 14:30 PM
This may well be common knowledge among owners, but I couldn't find anything on the web, so here it is:

A Thruster can be moved in a 7.5 ton box van.

To do so requires that the wings and horizontal tail feathers are removed.

Derigging and loading takes around 2 hours with 2 or more people, allowing time to photograph each fixing during the process.


Peter Twissell
26-01-17, 14:36 PM
Given the range of weather conditions we encountered, I am glad that my Thruster was safely inside a box van.

Roger Mole
26-01-17, 17:15 PM
Having shifted aircraft over fair distances on a trailer I think that the box van is the preferred way to go, especially if you can get the wings in without disassembling them. Even with everything securely strapped down the wind can be a real pain in the backside and even if things look as though they are tightly secured, lifting even by small amounts can promote chafing if you don't use enough padding. And moving assembled wings over even a short distance on a trailer is a nightmare I've found.

Mind you, as I found when I hired one to shift my belongings from the UK to France, 7.5 tonne box vans don't come that cheap and don't forget that if you're over 70 (ahem..) unless you have taken a medical to retain the category on your licence, you won't be able to drive one as it's classed as a form of HGV and is removed when you get to that age.