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29-08-09, 11:04 AM
I'm a hang glider pilot who also flies a footlaunched powered harness but I'm having serious thoughts about selling the powered harness and getting into weightshift microlight flying. I've been looking at the Pegasus Q as a first buy but I thought I'd ask for opinions first. Is this a good wing to start with? Are there any particular pros or cons? Any input would be helpful on this. Thanks

29-08-09, 22:14 PM
From what I've learned the Q is a slow wing so will probably suit your foot launched experience.

What foot launched are you flying now? Dooddle bug? Do you have the certification for flying it? If so you can do your license and get a 10 hour exemption. Being an ex hang glider pilot myself, it bugged me having to do the whole thing.

31-08-09, 01:09 AM
Hi Vince, thanks for the reply. I fly a Wasp prone harness but I've also flown the doodlebug. I didn't bother getting any foot launched certification. I just bought it and flew it but having said that, I've got about 20 years experience flying hang gliders and spent 4 years as an instructor so that must count for something I suppose. If it makes things easier getting my microlight ticket I suppose I could sort out some certification on the Wasp. I'll check it out. I'm getting into microlight flying because it's a bit anti social flying around on my own all the time and it's also difficult finding places to take off with the Wasp. I usually use a piece common land but I'm finding it frequently full of gypsies and their caravans so I've had enough of that and I've decided that microlight flying is the way to go.

31-08-09, 10:43 AM
AFAIK you need a "Pilot" rating to your hang gliding license to get the dispensation of 10 hours.

I would recommend a trip to your local club to see if you can blag a trip in a back seat of a flex. You will be amazed at how it actually goes up if you push the bar out. :D

31-08-09, 12:32 PM
Ok, I thought you meant I have to be certified on the powered harness to get 10 hrs dispensation. I've been 'advanced pilot' and 'senior instructor' rated on hang gliders for over 14 years so I guess that's probably a help. Can anyone recommend a school somewhere in the SE? Preferably south of London. Thanks

31-08-09, 17:32 PM
You could try Chris and his merry men and women at Stoke



01-09-09, 11:28 AM
Ok thanks Ginge, I appreciate that. I'll have a look.

15-12-09, 16:23 PM
I realise this is a little late, but I'd say the Q is a good first machine. I'm planning on using one as mine, and I did my first solo in one. It's not that slow a machine, I found solo it cruised at 55mph (just over 50 if you don't pull the bar at all, but I found it easier and more natural to fly at 55). If you train on a quantum then the handling of the Q is fairly similar so it's an easy jump from one to the other.

It handles nicely, performance is reasonable for doing some short touring and flying two up, the 462 is a great little engine with low fuel consumption and more power than a 503 and they don't cost a bomb either.