View Full Version : Flying Harley, The V-Twin Trya Microlight

11-05-17, 22:49 PM
Maiden flight of the 4-Stroke V-Twin TRYA Microlight.
Engine: Aero conversion of the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 23 V-Twin 4-Stroke, 627cc.
Power: around 40 hp (not dyno tested)
Measured Static thrust: 117 kg peak.
Wing: BB-03 with many World and European Championship victories in the past.
100% double surface, 11.0 sq.m. (118.4 sq.ft), 9.56 m (31.36 ft) span, 39 kg.
Trike: BB-103, Lightened and updated model
ROC 7m/s (1378 fpm), Vc 34 - 68 mph (55-110 km/h), Vmax 77 mph (125 km/h)

Test pilot is Zsolt (George to friends), the UK Distributor of BB Microlights, Hungary.

Videos at Trya Microlight Facebook