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Starship Skyranger
24-06-17, 20:21 PM
Hi Everyone,

Just joined the group having just purchased a 50% share in a early Skyranger. I looked at a few skyranger's before getting involved in this one and I have never seen a fuel tank like the one in ours.

All the skyranger's I have seen had 2 containers as fuel tanks, ours has 1 integral tank in the area that the 2 containers should be.

Has anyone else got the 1 tank fitted? From what I understand the 2 tanks hold 30 litres each, our tank holds 83 litres so an improvement in fuel capacity. I can't see any documentation for this fuel tank anywhere on the net.


25-06-17, 06:41 AM
I think I've seen your tank in discussion on other forums. I recall it suffered from inherent weight, (apart from the additional fuel). To achieve the necessary rigidity and strength, I think the thickness had to be increased, making it disproportionately heavy, when compared to the standard two-30L container design. Other consideration might be the need for internal baffling, to control the effect of surging, when manoeuvring. Paul D gave some learned opinion at the time, (several years ago), and advised it would be unlikely to feature in UK machines. Where do you fly?

My personal opinion is that a single tank, with increased overall capacity, is the way to go, for SkyRanger, although in the UK we are hobbled by permitted AUW limitations. The current two-drum design is too improvised for my taste.

Starship Skyranger
25-06-17, 15:08 PM
By all accounts the bigger tank weighs 9.8kg in total.
The 2x 30 litre tanks held 43.2kg of fuel in total.
The single tank holds 59.8kg of fuel in total.

Does anyone know what the 2 smaller tanks weigh?

I hate to say it, I think I have just gone into the most protective syndicate ever..... I have just been given a list of do's & don'ts that I am not sure will fit into my way of life.

I was told not to discuss our fuel tank?
I have been told I cannot tell anyone where the skyranger is kept.
I have to notify the other owner by text or email who I am taking flying with me.
I was asked to misidentify the registration on here so as not to give any clues on which skyranger it is, the reasons given are due to opportunistic thefts etc.