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18-07-17, 09:59 AM
I'm clearing out a range of stuff to suit a Garmin 196, 296 or 496.....


The list includes:
1. 496 Owner's Manual.

2. Assorted Garmin disks provided with my 496 - probably early software versions, BUT includes a copy of the priceless Garmin video tutorial disk for the 296, which operates the same as the 496, only slower. I used it regularly, as a reminder for the less known Garmin GPS functions.

3. 496 Quick Reference Guide.

4. Bean Bag mount, including cradle, to suit Garmin 196, 296 or 496.

5. Garmin 196, 296 or 496 flat panel QR mount.

6. Screen cover.

7. TWO adjustable/'improvisable' mounting brackets.

8. Mains power lead.

9. Car power lead, including speaker.

10. TWO (RS232?) computer leads, each having a different Garmin connector.

11. TWO remote antennae, with 'sucker' mountings.

12. Cigar socket power lead.

13. Air Gizmos panel mounting bracket, (has some 'mastic' residue on the reverse which fortunately doesn't show). These cost in the region of £100, bought from Mendlessohn, etc.

14. Garmin 196 / 296 / 496 carry case for protection away from the aircraft.

£70 the lot, plus postage....

19-01-18, 07:43 AM
OK, OK, I can take a hint: how about FORTY quid?

andy dixon
19-01-18, 10:05 AM
Well I’ll give £10 for the screen cover if you start selling it off in bits....
(Genuine offer)

19-01-18, 13:08 PM
Well Iíll give £10 for the screen cover if you start selling it off in bits....
(Genuine offer)
If Andy is serious about the £10.00 for the screen cover I will make up the difference of the £40.00 to take the rest of the package off your hands :grouphug: I will even throw in the p&p so you will be quids in
That is also a genuine offer ;-)

( ID: ) You know who ;-)