View Full Version : Is it just me?

11-08-17, 20:44 PM
Well folks, my Nynja airframe is substantially complete - just final assembly in a hangar and the cabin glazing to do. Had a very helpful chat to Paul D today - customer support extending to some minor bits that are being included in the latest kits. Don't expect to see them on the Web Shop just yet!

I take it everyone else is busy flying. If you are building, let us know how you're doing and if you are in difficulties give us a shout. Paul mentioned that Ben is looking at a partial revamp of the sketchier bits of the build manual, such as the thermal screen and the baggage bag, which are somewhat different to the Swift/Classic items. Knowing Ben, expect some lurid Disney-esque illustrations!

Today, Paul was assembling a pack of spare airframe parts and materials to send to the World Air Games in Hungary. It seems a tornado ripped through the venue, scattering parked aircraft over each other, resulting in bent tubes and ripped fabric. Challenging to say the least...