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21-08-17, 18:22 PM
Afternoon folks,

Newly registered to the forum after finding it when researching about a potential Nynja build.

A little bit of background - I currently work in the airline industry and still enjoy flying for a hobby, but have become a bit disillusioned with renting group A stuff and all the associated downsides and costs. A friend of mine keeps his own microlight in a hangar at his own strip not far from me and I have come to the conclusion that I would love to build my own aircraft and fly it from there. I have never built anything before and after doing some research I am fairly certain that the Group A Nynja ticks most of the boxes including being allegedly one of the easier builds.

With this in mind, I would love to hear about anyone currently building or recently having built one and know how you found the build process, what things you think someone looking to start one should know, any tips or advice you have regarding decisions, option etc I would appreciate any input.

Many thanks in advance for any input


22-08-17, 02:02 AM
Hi Pepod

The Nynja build is a pretty much straight forward process and the build manual is very good in its detail. I hear the build manual is being edited and updated so it will be much improved. As I am in Australia I will not comment about specific build fit up as it will vary from regulator to regulator a little in places. When finished you will be happy with the Nynja's seating, vision, performance and handling etc. I chose the two piece door configuration. There are a few build stories of youtube , this forum and mine is also on 'Recreational flying forum' under the 'Skyranger' threads 'New Nynja to the area' and Scott Hendry also has a very informative range of build information and I found that that of immense value when I was building mine along with information from the Skyranger agent Greg (including inspections during the build) over here and some others. Cheers and my recommendation is to buy a kit and build it; i'm sure you will not be disappointed.