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13-09-09, 06:56 AM
Morning all,

Is there a comprehensive list of grass strips in the UK? I’m finding it difficult to find any near to where I live.

Thanks and all the best.


Bob T
13-09-09, 08:07 AM
But where do you live Martin?

13-09-09, 09:14 AM
You could try looking in LOCKYEARS Guide to farm strips and grass airfields. It is the best guide.

Andy G

13-09-09, 11:09 AM
But where do you live Martin?

Just north of Edinburgh.

Bob T
13-09-09, 15:05 PM
There is a good club at East Fortune, but that is east of Edinburgh.

13-09-09, 22:07 PM
Yeh, I would probably recommend East Fortune as well for flexwing training as it's not far from Edinburgh, is a great little airfield and Gordon the CFI is a great guy. However as far as I know there's no fixed wing training available there, although I think there's a sky ranger or two based there.

Other options are Strathaven (just South of Glasgow), which offers training on the Ikarus C42 or the Quantum 912. This is where I'm based and theres a good mix of flexwings and 3-axis machines. We also have a large main runway and two shorter runways so it's not usually too difficult with the wind (all grass). Fairly active, very friendly club and instructors club there, with regular fly-ins/out.

There is also Thornhill to the North of Glasgow where I think there is flexwing training available, possibly 3-axis but not sure - I've never been but heard it's a nice field. There should be both fixed and flexwing training available from Balado airfield which is probably closer to you as it's North West of Edinburgh. I think that's where the school from Perth moved (and it's also where the hold T in the Park), but the airfield is still in Perth. I beleive the Scottish Aero club who are still based in Perth train on a Eurostar microlight, but unsure of the details.

Soth East of Edinburgh there is Latch Farm, which is just a small strip with a handful of aircraft. It is a couple of miles East of Kirknewton airfield (air cadet gliding, not sure they're microlight friendly). There is also an airfield in Glenrothes, but I don't know much about it. There's a tiger moth based there I think.

Websites for you:
East Fortune: http://www.eosm.co.uk
Strathaven: http://www.microlightscotland.com
Balado: http://www.pegasusscotland.co.uk/

There are also plenty of little private farm strips all over the country that you'll find about about in your local area when you start training, so one of them could be an option for hangering your aircraft once you get your licence.

Give me a shout if you need any more info.

13-09-09, 22:12 PM
You may find this site handy



19-09-09, 08:19 AM
Thanks for all the responses.

I’ve had a look at the various airfields / strips and it seems that Balado is likely to be the most suitable. Travel distances below.

Balado – 15 miles (12 of which is motorway so should only take about 20 minutes by car)
Strathaven – 56 miles
Fife Airport (Glenrothes) – 19.5 miles. Hangarage is likely to be expensive.
Edinburgh airport – 18 miles. Hangarage is likely be mega bucks! No tie down areas available.
East Fortune – 42.7 miles.

All the best.