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andy dixon
21-09-09, 21:57 PM
just finished testing out 5 different antennas supplied on free loan by http://www.love2fly.co.uk
1. standard base loaded pod mounted antenna,as fitted standard to P+M trikes gt450/quik/quikR/quantum 3 out of 5
2.pod mounted 57mm streight thin stainless wire antenna 3 out of 5
3. top of wing mounted di-pole 1/4 wave manufacturer microavionics.... 4/5
4.rubber duck as fitted to the icom a3 radio...........crap 1/5 on a good day.
5. vee rabbit antenna( with fitting kit as modified by love2fly) 6/5 better than 5/5 i can tell you
tests were done icom a3e to icom a6e both transmitting .86 watt with a swar on equipment of less than 1.9......tests done at 7 miles one on ground other in line of sight at 850ft. a.g.l.
6. fell to bits when took it out of bag.......new one on it's way

second test done on icom a3e at 25 miles 850ft. a.g.l. to doncaster international....
1. 0/5
4. just useless
5. doncaster said they could hear me 5/5

more testing results after the next weekend !

thanks to http://www.love2fly.co.uk for supplying the antennas....take a look at their site they discount ozze linx etc.

22-09-09, 06:21 AM
glad to hear your results were good for the modified v rabbit antenna Andy , what i cant believe
is why people pay up to 30 grand for a plane and put up with inferior radio communications that
put there safety at risk when they could have crystal clear comms for such a low cost , and this
is an antenna that ANYONE could fit themselves to transform their radio clarity.

also on another note please could you give me the phone no of the bloke that did my Quik trike
refurb as i have mislaid it , i cant believe the quality of the work he did the new plastic coating is
as good if not better than new , at least seven people asked me last weekend where i had it done
when i told them how much he charged me one called me a liar as he said i could not have had it
done at such a low price and such a quality job , so i think i should share the details so other people
on here could try him , but have lost his no , maybe you could post it on here so other people could
benefit from his expertise

andy dixon
23-09-09, 18:41 PM
just a quick note !
some times when your out you can hear the air traffic control a very clear 5/5,thats because they are transmitting at 100 watts, then you hear a group A aircraft talking to them and the group A is 20 miles from you,thats because he is transmitting at 20 watts pep and a carrier power of 5 watts.
then you talk to a.t.c. but on a icom a22e/a3e/ a6e you are only transmitting at .85 watt or on a icom a20/a2/ you pep at 5 watts but only transmit at 1 watt ............thats why they find it hard to hear you and treat you accordingly.

the vee rabbits come from south africa and took a couple of weeks to come and clear customs......but was well worth the wait.......
i hope love2fly can get enough in to cover their demand

andy dixon
05-10-09, 08:07 AM
the phone number of the bloke whodid the re-furb to your quik.........doug...07960-316391
the plastic coating is that british standard kite marked stuff so no problems when it comes to re-permit time.

06-10-09, 05:43 AM
still cant believe the quality of the job he did it looks like new , do you know how much
he would charge for an engine service on a 912s as a bloke has just had one done
at our airfield and it cost circa 175 quid just for oil and plug change.

07-10-09, 06:05 AM
Hello Andy, Thanks for the feedback on the Vee Rabbit antenna, as the manufacturer of the device I was surprised to find the "road test" on this site ! Thank you. They were made for usage in South Africa and Australia which as you know are big places as we fly many miles from any station. We always thought that they would be of no use in Europe as we thought they "over performed" and never really marketed them !! Some units have been shipped there via SA dealers.

Anyway just a few points about their usage :

We DO NOT advise the usage with training establishments as the transmissions locally can be distorted if very close to another station.

Its not advisable to use a radio with more than 3 watts carrier as the output will crossover on to other frequencies as they are designed primarily for hand helds and precisely as you used them.

The rods are matched in the factory and they are marked according to territory to give maximum performance, ie South Africa on our GA frequency at 124,8 mhz, Australia at 126,79 and the UK mid band at 127,00 mhz. They perform obviously through the entire band.

We do make them for the SA trikes, the Blade (32 mm), Airborne, Quik King Posts and also for the Quik R flat wing as they are fitted inside the tail of the keel.

Well done and thanks again.

Paul Lintott
Air Magic, South Africa

andy dixon
22-05-10, 20:36 PM
try contacting richard at www.microlightstore.co.uk they are probably europes largest dedicated microlight accessorys supplier,he was the guy who offered your vee rabit the first time round,he has 6 other aviation stores in the u.k. including www.helicopterstore.co.uk and www.gyrocoptorstore.co.uk to name but a few........you may have to kiss his feet a bit but he is your best hope of european sales in big numbers
........oh.........and he now has shops in france too................... as last year i had a fault with my helmet comms and was able to go to his franch shop and exchange it under warranty no quibble