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12-02-19, 19:18 PM
WITHDRAWN and binned

I have a whole UK/Ireland chart that I've never used. Supplied folded for cheaper postage (was rolled but nobody wanted it)

On ebay at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123670211820


16-02-19, 11:04 AM
A pair of leather flying gloves - bought originally from Pooleys for 30.
Nominally size 8 but closer to 8 (11 cm across the knuckle).
Unlined with soft interior. Velcro wrist strap.
Hardly used because too big for me.
Looking for 20 but will consider sensible offer.
14962 14963 14964

22-02-19, 13:50 PM
WITHDRAWN and binned

I have a whole UK/Ireland chart that I've never used. Supplied rolled so could be a nice feature on a club wall.
On ebay at http://ebay.us/r9x6Ro?cmpnId=5338273189


24-02-19, 14:34 PM
Practical Navigation: A step-by-step guide to flight planning and navigation for students and experienced pilots.

*** SOLD ***

A5 62 pages soft cover. Written in a conversational style based on a single flight covering the detail and what might go wrong.
Written for a time when GPS navigation was not the norm, covers VFR flight with map, compass, whizz wheel and that sort of thing.

More details at https://afors.com/aircraftView/45705


Roger Mole
25-02-19, 13:47 PM
Joan, I can't wait for you to offer the Handley Page biplane that this lot all came with ;)

Martin Watson
25-02-19, 14:02 PM
Joan, I can't wait for you to offer the Handley Page biplane that this lot all came with ;)

There are bits inthe RAF museum at Hendon if anyone's interested

06-03-19, 15:08 PM
*** All sold ***

And now! [drum roll] Taildragger training manuals; three left (...correction, two left). Full details of the problems you can encounter operating taildraggers, why they occur and what to do about it. Not only that, but for instructors there's advice on how to teach the magic.


See AFORS at https://afors.com/aircraftView/45798

*** All sold ***

15-03-19, 19:55 PM
OK guys 'n gals - don't laugh (OK giggle if you must)

I've got a faulty Zaon MRX (http://www.digitalreviews.net/reviews/miscellaneous/zaon-mrx-portable-collision-avoidance-system-reviewed.html) if anybody's interested. It did work well for a while, then it worked sometimes but began switching itself off mid-flight, then stopped working completely. Yes, I did try replacing the batteries.

Simple: it's scheduled for the local electronic recycling unless someone fancies it. Cost of postage, that's all.

**** SOLD ****

18-12-19, 15:03 PM
Just found another box...

In case someone's interested, I've got some old well-used South England and Wales 500k CAA charts. ... binned

Oh, and bump on the the leather gloves (http://www.microlightforum.com/showthread.php?13209-Clear-out-aviation-trivia&p=126769&viewfull=1#post126769). They're still available.

18-12-19, 19:21 PM
Oh I'm on a roll here :smileyvault-super: *** SOLD ***

Lynx Micro G2 Headset refurbished with:
- New coiled lead
- new gel earseals
- new microphone foam muff

This headset was used regularly until two or three years ago when it was refurbished by a Lynx distributer (me) using Lynx materials. The battery has been regularly topped up and checked since. I checked it again today with another Lynx headset and sound strength and quality remains as good as you'd expect from Lynx gear.

The only faults I can find are general light scuffing on the earpiece shells and a slight split in the outer insulation to the wire for one earpiece.

I'm looking for 180 for it.

See advert and photos on AFORS *** SOLD ***

28-12-19, 16:21 PM
OK they're already in the paper recycling bag, but I have a collection of many (most?) copies of MF between about 2005 and 2012. Conditin - various. Recycle collection is first Saturday in 2020. If you want one or more, PM me before that date and we can price up postage.

Edit - Binned

12-02-20, 16:23 PM
*** ALL SOLD ***
Lynx Headset (this one (http://www.microlightforum.com/showthread.php?13209-Clear-out-aviation-trivia&p=129776&viewfull=1#post129776)), not sold yet - I'll accept 150 (+p&p) from anyone via this forum, otherwise I keep it as a reserve.

I've got a used Transair kneeboard. Very like this one [Transair link (https://transair.co.uk/pilot-supplies/kneeboards/pilot-kneeboards/transair-organiser-pilot-kneeboard-with-leg-support)] but minus the "knee moulding'. Main signs of use are slight scruffiness and staining to some of the plastic sleeves due leeching laser ink from checklists and so. The velcro elastic is weaker than new but still functions and would be easy to replace. See photos
15321 15322 15323 15324 15325 15326

Transair want 35 + p&p for a new one - I'll take 10 +p&p for this.

*** ALL SOLD ***