View Full Version : New Q2 / Quantum batten profile - faster HOT speed.

04-03-19, 20:08 PM
I heard from someone in our Quantum Pilots Facebook group that there was a new P&M Quantum batten profile available (or perhaps new Q2 wing battens) for a faster hands off trim speed.

Can you please provide any further details?

05-03-19, 07:05 AM
I dont know about Quantum,but i bought one for my 912 Quik (think it was 35) and it gave me a extra 10mph speed

05-03-19, 07:39 AM
It's the one off the quantum leap apparently.
Just batten profiles.
Has anyone tried it?

06-03-19, 09:31 AM

Below are the improvements made to the Q2 wing as part of the Quantum Leap upgrades.

Hang point moved forward, Trailing edge strap, Batten profile amended - 70mph calibrated trim speed – an increase of 15mph.

Replacement of luff line trimmer by the proven and effective bungee system. - Bungee fitted inside A frame upright and utilises mechanical handle on RH A- frame upright.

Lower flying wires moved up the A-frame by 140mm and moves the bar fwd by 30mm. - More comfortable bar position at 70+ mph.

The above upgrades are a major modification done at the factory and test flown.

I have a Quantum 503. If it were a 912 Quantum I would be very interested in doing the full Quantum Leap upgrade which would also include Quik Spats, Replacement of existing screen by new one piece HypeR style larger screen and Set of Mylar fairings for uprights and kingpost.

I received the above information from Ian Nash at P&M - Ian.nash@pmaviation.co.uk



06-03-19, 11:06 AM
damienair, Any idea of the cost of the full upgrade?