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26-03-19, 14:45 PM
Last summer we gave away an almost complete Tiger Cub (http://www.microlightforum.com/showthread.php?12998-Tiger-Cub-SSDR-project-free-to-collect-from-Essex&p=125296&viewfull=1#post125296) with the request that we were kept informed on progress.

It went, we believe, to Northern Ireland (or perhaps the north of Ireland) with an former regular on here, xair582 (http://www.microlightforum.com/member.php?642-xair582). We've not heard a sausage since. Anybody over there know of its whereabouts and situation?

26-03-19, 23:25 PM
Hi Joan, apologies I havenít been frequenting the internet much lately. Its still safe with me I have parts of the old covering stripped off and Iím in the progress of repairing the tubes that got damaged during transport. I have found some soft spots in the foam and a little corrosion so those are next on my to do list.

Iíve sent you a pm with my contact number if ginge wants to give me a buzz any time.

All the best Andrew

27-03-19, 19:07 PM
Thanks, got your PM and will pass your phone number on.

I'm sure those who didn't get the aircraft would be interested to get occasional updates on here, with a photo or two.
Pretty please.

Which reminds me - I really need to update Ginge's old Tiger Cub blog (http://www.bumble-bee.demon.co.uk/Project%20Tiger%20Cub/Project%20Tiger%20Cub%20Story.htm). There are several episodes ready for uploading. I just need to get the time and the mood to coincide.