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02-10-19, 21:12 PM
19/5/2019: dead stick in New Forest.
AAIB bulletin 9/2019, G-BZOR.
Donkey went lame and I played gravity for the draw. The report made it sound like I knew what I was doing but I was only saving my neck!

Peter Twissell
03-10-19, 09:45 AM
Well done Tom. I would suggest that in saving your own neck, you demonstrated that you knew exactly what you were doing.
When I had to land in a nice, flat, Norfolk field, I didn't make a Mayday call. I was also of the opinion that flying was the higher priority. To make the call, I'd have had to change frequencies on the radio (I was on Priory Farm frequency, which is largely unmanned) which would have taken more time. I could also see tractors moving in an adjacent field, so there was a good chance someone would see me land (which they did).
Link to AAIB bulletin 9/2019:

Martin Watson
03-10-19, 10:06 AM
... I was only saving my neck!

I can't think of any greater priority under the circumstances. :)

03-10-19, 12:41 PM
well done to you both ,ive had the engine bog down mid flight but never stopped YET ,my problem was the carb setting being too rich and it recovered off throttle. what was the cause of your issues ? .

a few time a year i practice engine failures ,i get a mate to set the timer on my phone and not tell me then when it vibrates in my pocket its game time. yes i'm sort of ready for it but never know when its coming.

Peter Twissell
03-10-19, 13:54 PM
How did you recover the aircraft from that location? It looks like 400 yards of heath from the landing site to the nearest road.

Peter Twissell
03-10-19, 13:57 PM
Also - a more general question on reporting of incidents. From looking at the CAA website, it is my interpretation that if there is no injury to persons or damage to property, including the aircraft, a deadstick landing does not warrant a report.
Is this correct?

03-10-19, 15:17 PM
The fire service alerted them to a "plane crash" but they kindly carried the wings up Dead Man's Hill and wheeled up the fuselage to the car park.