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Ray V
11-02-20, 13:38 PM
Hi all, I have just started taking lessons in a flex wing after a brilliant experience day gift flight made me realise what I have been missing out on-itís brilliant! Unfortunately, the recent weather has limited my opportunities to get airborne, but hopefully things will pick up again soon. I am a complete novice, only 2 hours so far, but itís simply fantastic and I canít wait to get more involved in this fabulous activity. Cheers, Ray.

11-02-20, 14:12 PM
Welcome to the forum .:bravo:

11-02-20, 17:56 PM
A long time ago after an hour or three my instructor asked whether I was really serious abt going for a licence.

I'd been trying to hide my 'enthusiasm' in case he thought I was a nutter.

Ray, it can get you that way.

Ray V
11-02-20, 18:52 PM
I canít stop smiling all the time I am in the air, itís absolutely the best thing I have ever done, simply awesome! My last lesson was my first in the front seat-even higher levels of awesome! I think have got the bug.....😃👍

11-02-20, 21:34 PM
Welcome. I am just under 10 hours in a C42 and have not been able to fly since November, so I feel your pain. The weather has been totally against me and Saturday does not look good either! Oh well, it will get better :roll:

Ray V
11-02-20, 21:44 PM
I know- I am becoming a weather bore!! I have a lesson booked for Saturday too but itís looking grim 😩

11-02-20, 21:51 PM
I know- I am becoming a weather bore!! I have a lesson booked for Saturday too but it’s looking grim 
Yes, my lesson on Saturday is looking doubtful but I have one booked for the following Friday and the long range forecast looks better, so fingers crossed.

Ray V
11-02-20, 22:43 PM
I hope you are right, I have a double lesson booked for the following Saturday ! 🤞😃

12-02-20, 14:43 PM
I'm ashamed that more schools don't have training flight simulators, especially for use when the weather's bad or the nights come early. There's a terrific amount can be done in (good!) simulation that then just needs confirming in real flight. This is the one we built (http://www.bumble-bee.demon.co.uk/SaxonMicro_sim.htm) for our school (Saxon Microlights): we sold when we retired and it's somewhere in Northern Ireland now.

I admit getting an equivalent level of simulation for weightshift is more difficult, but not impossible if the school really cared.