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Trya Flyer
29-01-10, 12:56 PM
Hi all,

My name's Brian, I'm a microlight pilot (13 years PPL/M) and live and fly my (newly aquired) SSDR BB Trya in west Wales. I trained and flew flexwings for a few years before leaving the flying community to do other things, I returned a couple of years back to try out three axis and had an X'air for a while but that didn;t quite do it for me so have recently come back to flexwing flying.

I've joined this forum to gain knowledge and share flying experiences and would particularly like to hear from anyone interested in SSDR in my area.


29-01-10, 19:21 PM
Welcome, the BB trya looks like a nice SSDR Microlight - Looks alot nicer than the Magic laser and Dragonfly (Without its clothes on!)


30-01-10, 10:50 AM
Welcome, I'm sure that we all will be interested how you get on the Trya. It has been in development for a long while as a certificated machine and I'd thought that was the way it was being brought forward. It's good to see another string to the SSDR bow, particularly with a machine that we have heard such good reports about


Trya Flyer
30-01-10, 11:38 AM
Thanks for the welcome messages and I'm glad that others share my interest in the Trya, I was initially attracted to it some years ago when it was Jeremy's project...

I have in fact got the Trya wing with solo flight's own SSDR trike and 40hp 4 stroke engine, it's a bit early to give performance figures yet but I will report how I'm getting on once i've got a few more hours on it.