View Full Version : New wing on my Quantum..

Ronny Larsson
11-02-10, 17:21 PM
Finaly I have got the Swedish KSAK (BMAA) to aprove a wing change to another brand of wing...

Now I just hope that I can find the money to do it :)

11-02-10, 17:36 PM
What wing are you thinking of putting on it ?


Ronny Larsson
11-02-10, 20:02 PM
I'm thinking of a Reflex 13.


11-02-10, 21:38 PM
Wow Ronny, that looks like a very nice wing that. Can you just pop it on to the Quantum trike and off you go? Do you know of that wing being used on a P&M trike elsewhere?

Ronny Larsson
12-02-10, 12:02 PM
@Greg, well I have to get a new Fyghandbok with the right numbers conserning climbrate etc. And then get a new permit from KSAK with that combo.. I really dony know if there is any P&M trike in the US with that wing but talking to Abid he said that it would work just fine ..

14-02-10, 15:49 PM
Looks like a really great wing and not too expensive either. I look forward to seeing some pictures of the trike with the new wing, should be amazing! Hope the paperwork doesn't take too long once you get the wing over here.

Ronny Larsson
14-02-10, 19:21 PM
Well Greg I dont have the money just yet but the hard thing with Convinsing KSAK is done so :)