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Roger Mole
05-04-10, 22:53 PM
I posted this over in the other place but I was fed up seeing nothing about AX3s over here, so here goes ;)

There will always be little jobs to keep you busy as on any aircraft but all of the refurbishment work that I planned to do at home has now been completed. When I got MYRO back in June of last year it didn't have an engine, most of the wiring had been stripped out along with many instruments, the panel was very tatty with some nasty big holes in it, the pod was very scruffy inside from years of students climbing in and out, there were splits in the pod floor and some holes in its sides, the door and screen plastics were pretty scratched and had quite a few little cracks in them and it basically needed quite a fair old bit of TLC showered on it.

Along the way I stripped off the pod and nose wheel, repaired the pod damage and refurbished it, tidied up all of the cabin tubes and metalwork (attachment 1), got hold of an engine (ex G-MYME) from Mark at Galaxy together with MYME's panel front, wiring loom, fuel system and various instruments, totally re-wired MYRO's panel and wiring loom (attachment 2), made up a new panel (attachment 3), made up new door and screen plastics (attachment 4), stripped, lubricated and reassembled the wheels and brakes, re-assembled the pod with the new panel and plastics (attachment 5), fitted the engine (attachment 6), got hold of a lovely 3-blade Arplast prop for fitting as and when (attachment 7) and fitted an auxiliary tank for increased range (attachment 8). Now it's all ready to be trailered off to Linton for refitting the wings and re-rigging (attachment 9).

I actually completed the bulk of the work by the end of October and I've had to wait for 5 months for better weather in order to finish the last jobs. It's been frustrating but nothing could be done about it as I've only got open tie-downs for the time being so I didn't want to shift it out into the open anyway until the weather improved. It looks as though the big day (weather permitting as usual) will be this coming Friday when I've had the offer of a loan of a 4x4 for towing. Essential at the moment given the softness of the ground. So nearly there - I believe I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel at last.:thumbup:


05-04-10, 23:12 PM
The light at the end of the tunnel may be a train hurtling towards you ;-)
However, I am pleased that all your hard work has nearly paid off and wish you god speed and good weather to finish the project.

05-04-10, 23:52 PM
Look forwards to reading your Flight Report on G-MYRO when you fly the inaugural test flight......... good to hear MYME engine is still pounding away ;-)
We had G-MYME circuit bashing at our airfield for a few days when in Scotland Ownership in late 2004-early 2005.

Roger Mole
06-04-10, 12:09 PM
Cheers Peter and John. It's been a longer haul than I realised and I'm glad I can see the end of it. I'm glad to have done it but I don't think I'd take another project like this on, not unless I had something else to fly in the meantime anyway ;)

But at least it'll hopefully keep an elderly AX3 (and an elderly pilot ahem... :oldtimer: ) flying for a few more years.

Peter, it's a ruddy good engine. Bill Sherlock gave it a full overhaul with new crank only 6 hours before MYME was written off. I spoke to Mike who was one of MYME's owners very recently because I bought an engine cover (MYME's?) and an aux tank off him and he was a bit cheesed off with the timing of the accident because they never got the full value of what they had just spent on MYME back from the insurers. The other weird thing that I told him is that the Arplast prop I bought was originally on a Spectrum that Mike was also a part owner of and which was also written off by winds when he owned it. I told him to take more care tying his aircraft down in future :stickwhack:

Should be moving wings and fuselage to Linton on Friday and hopefully re-rigging over next week end. I'll let you know how I get on :thumbup: