View Full Version : NEEDED a Batten Plan for a Pegasus XL R Sail URGENT!!

26-04-10, 22:12 PM
I have tried to no avail to locate a copy of the BATTEN PLAN for my Pegasus XL R sail. Can anyone help? Thanks Dave 07854 928755 or signtechuk@yahoo.co.uk (signtechuk@yahoo.co.uk)
Had to pay 19 inc postage from P & A now I am frightened to use it!!

28-04-10, 01:20 AM
You could try here: http://www.pmaviation.co.uk/shop/wing-batten-plan-034501-p-254.html

28-04-10, 09:57 AM
Crikey! 17 quid for a badly folded bit of paper with some scribbles and traced outlines on it? Good ole P&M!