View Full Version : Wanted - Jabiru X air

12-05-10, 13:12 PM
Hi, I'm on the look out for a cheap, safe, idiot proof 4 stroke 3 axis microlight and a Jabiru or HKS engined X-air would be ideal (Sorry, not the Verner engined ones ) . Must be in very good condition as I am not looking for a restoration job. Other similar aircraft would be considered. GB aircraft only and I am in South Manchester so something in the North West /West Yorks / Staffordshire would be ideal. I would also be very grateful if any Xair owners want to share any advice on type.

12-05-10, 16:09 PM
Hello, there is a brand new Xair F at rufforth for sale never flown, with a second hand engine fitted thats done 800hrs 12,000

12-05-10, 17:22 PM
Hi, that might be of interest. If any one has more info please PM or phone 016 1439 5197