View Full Version : Glass in-line Fuel Filter

Jon S
14-05-10, 10:53 AM
My Blade is fitted with an in-line glass fuel filter (Moeller style I think). One of the guys at the strip mentioned an advisory mod to wire tie the filter element securing nut in place - I've not been able to find any documentation of this. Does anybody know where I might find it? Or how to do it?
Because the nut, is a flat disc with knurling on the edge there isn't much to actually tie the wire against to retain it.
The only thing that might work, that I could see, would be to put a plain nut of a suitable thickness behind the disc and wire that in place.

Frank Thorne
15-05-10, 08:01 AM
From what I remember you drill a small hole through the shaft next to the nut for lockwire to go through. Loop the lockwire one or two turns around the filter element butting up against the nut tighten for about 5 turns and bend over the knurled nut and through hole in shaft and tighten suitably. The wire over the nut will stop it turning.

05-10-14, 09:47 AM
An old one I know...but even easier and the LAA way...fit a small coil spring between the round nut and the end of the filter...makes servicing the filter a even easier.

dave nixon
06-10-14, 18:27 PM
When u get a new one from P&M it's already wired

27-11-14, 20:46 PM
I got the correct springs available at Galaxy if anyone needs some. Dead easy to fit.