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21-05-10, 16:02 PM
My question: Any wing of HG is fit for foot-launch?
in order to anwser this question, I investigated several manufacturers of HG and foot-launch following

1: Doole bug in UK recommend to use Aeros wing in Ukrainian firm ;

2: Wills wing firm in US
I email to inquire this question ,the answer following:
many of our customers have configured their Falcons with motorized accessories but I can't make any specific recommendations since we have not designed or evaluated our gliders for this application. The most popular configuration is the 'Mosquito' or very light trikes (30 kg/20 hp)

please see http://www.willswing.com/article ... icleName=Motorizing (http://www.willswing.com/articles/Article.asp?reqArticleName=Motorizing)

howerevr ,there is different content in willwing website
....."All Wills Wing hang gliders have been designed, developed and tested for foot launched gliding and soaring flight. None of our gliders has been designed, or tested with any consideration of the use of a power system. We cannot, therefore, recommend the use of any such system with our gliders. ".....

continue :
" We don’t have any specific information about attaching or using a Mosquito harness to any of our gliders, other than the common general information that it is necessary, according to the Mosquito manufacturer, to remove any part of the keel which extends more than 1200 mm (47 inches) ".....

21-05-10, 16:07 PM
3:Mosquito manufacturer

I have tested it on a number of gliders, including the Twist 17, Ellipse, Funfex, Topfex Finsterwalder, and my favourite Sensor 610E.

source from:http://www.swedishaerosport.se/joel_press.htm

Andy has used the Mosquito with gliders as diverse as the Solar Wings Typhoon, Rumour, Scandal and Breeze, the Aeros Target, the Airwave K3 and K4 and, of course, the Java (the Mosquito is not compatible with Airwave's Calypso). Apparently the higher performance wings are just as easy to fly with the Mosquito as the intermediates or older models.
source from:http://www.swedishaerosport.se/nohills_press.htm

Installing The Mosquito

There are two modifications to be made to your hang glider:

Cut the keel at about 120 cm. from your hang point.
Where the side flying wires join the leading edge, add deeper loops (cable or good cord) to attach the side to side limiter wires of the motor harness. Obviously, we need to keep the propeller from, swinging too much and cutting the sail.
From harness bag unzipped to full installation ready to fly configuration takes less than 3 minutes, not even hurrying.

21-05-10, 16:12 PM
4: Airborn in Australia
Sting 168 with Powered Harness
Jeff Blunt tries out his new Sting 3 168 with the powered harness :
After 2 weeks of rain, I got a chance to get some airtime in the 168 yesterday. The new short hang loop is now perfect. I shut the motor off at 1000 ft & thermalled up to base. Flew for about 1.5hrs. It all worked very nicely. Still nice handling with the extra weight from the Explorer LD harness.


21-05-10, 16:16 PM
until now, I still have no answer and was confused by the reply of manufacturers.

The Manufacturers of foot-launch think most wings of HG can be used for foot-launch, but the Manufacturers of HG don't think so.

who is right?

21-05-10, 16:18 PM
I would recommend any type of sky floater glider, in other words, the aeros "target" was the one I used with a Doodle Bug.

You don't really want a fast glider because you will have difficulty landing it with the power unit.

Better still, learn to fly a microlight instead :D

21-05-10, 16:58 PM
Thanks for reply my questions.
you recommend to learn microlight, such as racer447+fun14 of air creation ?
Better still, learn to fly a microlight instead

23-05-10, 11:38 AM
Absolutely, taking off on wheels is much better.

23-05-10, 14:17 PM
you imply that wheel may protect pilot's feet?
I also agree with it. But it's difficulty to find a runway for the microlight in my city, so I have to consider foot-launch(doodlebug) that need small space to takeing off and landing.
I also find there are very few HG pilots that fly foot-launch in this forum and in www.hanggliding.org (http://www.hanggliding.org), what's the reason ?


Absolutely, taking off on wheels is much better.

23-05-10, 16:30 PM
The simplicity that microlight flying offers. For me, I enjoy flying and to make all the effort to rig an aircraft before flying, then de-rig it all again afterwards is a pain in the ****.

Where do you live WZH?

I just go to the airfield, wheel the microlight out, check it over, and then go flying. It's easy. Are there no farm strips at all? You may be surprised if you trawl google earth.

23-05-10, 16:38 PM
Foot launched hang gliders need a larger area to take off than you might think, if you choose the right wing and a light enough trike then you'll be able to match the takeoff and landing distanceof a foot launched powered hang glider. The addition of the wheels I imagine will help reach takeoff speed faster than running would.

The main reason you won't see much about powered hang gliders on hanggliding.org is that most hang glider pilots are dedicated to free flying and prefer to launch from hills. Also most microlight pilots prefer to fly a faster aircraft with better climb performance and would rather not have to rig the aircraft before every flight. This is why powered hang gliders are a very niche market, people are either dedicated hang glider pilots, or microlight pilots in this country.

Don't get me wrong, FLPHG can be great fun, it just depends on what you personally want from your flying.

24-05-10, 03:11 AM
I live in Shen zhen city, nearby Hongkong(40 minutes by ferry). It's diffculty to find a space for flying in my city.
So I have to fly paramotor. My engine is Hirth F33 AS(30HP,313CC, 12.7KG without exhaust ), no reduce. In 2~3m/s wind, I can take off in 5 steps.

Where do you live WZH?

24-05-10, 03:23 AM
Thanks for providing your option about niche market and taking off distance match between FLPHG and microlight.

07-09-10, 01:50 AM
Although being able to leave a microlight rigged up, it does mean that you are stuck to flying out of the same airfield a lot of the time. The advanatage of a hang glider with a powered harness is that when travelling, it can be easy put on the roof and the engine in the back of the car, and taken for a fly. So if going somewhere with work or family its often possible to get a fly somewhere new. Thats why I am into anyway as I spent many tears flying GA from the same airport and after a while it gets a repititive.

But horses for courses, new things are fun.

09-12-10, 09:00 AM
it can be easy put on the roof and the engine in the back of the car------Yes, I agreed. My car (Japan brand “fit”, hatch-back ) can carry doodlebug +target 16 , this is why I choice foot launch.

07-01-11, 20:54 PM
WZH if you are looking for input from powered hg pilots you should check out the FLPHG forum which as you would thing primarily a site for powered users.another obsevation about this thread is that although people are talking about powered use no one has mentioned beefing up the hang glider being used. I know that I had Steve Elkins make up a set of wires for my Discovery that were heavy duty and others mention beefing up the leading edges but this could just be belt and braces rather than necessity

Paul Dewhurst
13-01-11, 19:37 PM
To answer the title of the thread - NO! - some are,.some arent. Some are physically unsuitable - chord lengths, wires and keel and prop clearance, and some may be on their payload limit and therefore cant handle the extra weight, or distort and washout so performance and handling can be comprimised. Some are just not pleasant with power - any glider with a highside tendency will find it exacerbated under power - and that means some can be quite unpleasnatly spirally unstable, and be very hard to control safely on climbout. bar position changes too - and that can be a problem on some gliders.

Always consult the maker of the powered harness to find what wings are suitable, and for what weight of pilots.